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  1. Actually, the Pink Eve planetary edit mod would be cool!
  2. How do you make upgradeable buildings in Sandbox mode? I think that would be a fun experience for me and other people. (if it matters, I don't use Windows.) Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much! I will definitely look into these (except for the ones I already have), with exception of FF, because for some reason it just will not work for me. No offense, Bigcalm.
  4. Nice, I don't use kOS, but I like KA-and KIS for planetarybases. Thanks, everyone for the suggestions! Might try a Munbase though. Hmmmm....
  5. Don’t worry, if you haven’t changed the settings, Bob will respawn soon
  6. Er. Drill Blew Up. Yeah... Timewarp. Er. Welp, let's try again, on Mun!
  7. Minmus Drill en route to Minmus Ore Hotspot. Mmm. Well, I have Advanced Tweaks enabled, so... Yeah.
  8. Don't be too hard on yourself!! Everyone makes mistakes!
  9. Cool plane, and I meant like drill design/crew quarter building tips, and/or how to fit it all on a launcher.
  10. I was looking for some cool miscellaneous mods with no actual pourpouse (no offense to the modmakers), any recommendations? The only ones I've found are Alternate Recsourse Panel, Chatterer, and DiverseKerbalHeads. Beautification mods are cool too! Thanks!
  11. Trying to set up a mining Minmusbase. Any advice?
  12. Heh, yeah but how are you gonna get back to Kerbin?
  13. Me too! I started on 0.23 Windows, now I'm doing 1.3.1 Mac, disturbed by school, old versions? Awesome! Always wanted to try 0.13!
  14. It's not, but SVE should do the trick. Make sure you have downloaded all of SVE's dependencies. Sarnus uses Kopernicus rings, not Jool rings from Stock Visual Enhancements. SVE's Cool rings are hard to miss.
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