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  1. Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity, I took some break from coding during the holidays, but I'm now back! I'm currently focusing on implementing the mechanism for situation-triggered shouts. This might take some time though. Thanks! I really hope I can cross this mod with all the other mods out there. It would be really fun if, for example in Kerbal Health, if a Kerbonaut has fully recuperated in KSC, they'll shout something that relates to this, or if a Kerbal becomes sick, they'll shout about it too. Btw, if anyone have a story or shout they want to suggest, don't hesitate to tell me here. Cheers~
  2. Hmm maybe I could make it so that they'll post a shout the moment they go on an EVA, so that it would seem like they posted it inside the vessel, right before leaving the airlock. I'm thinking that maybe I could 'remember' anything they do on EVA, then post a shout once they board a vessel (whether the same vessel or not) as @DeltaDizzy suggests. Seems kind of difficult but I'll see what's possible and what's not. I found the quantum tunneling phone kind of funny, I'll probably create a shout along the same lines Thanks! It seemed difficult at first but it turned out to be relatively easy after I discovered the AllConfigs method.
  3. Just some quick update: I've been updating the todos on the first post when I've finished implementing something. First, I was able to add a progress requirement to the stories and shouts as I have described in my previous post. I also changed the way the base stories and shouts are loaded. Previously, they were loaded from a fixed file, but now they are loaded from anywhere under the GameData folder, as long as they have the right root node name. Thanks to @Benjamin Kerman for putting me into the right direction Lastly, I was able to add vessel type and vessel situation requirement to the Stories. At first, I limited the stories to space stations and bases, but I thought stories could happen to other vessel types too. For example, if you have a ship heading for Jool, a random story could happen there and it would be really fun to get notified about it. So I removed the fixed vessel type limitation, but I added it as a property of the story so that the story can specify it. Now stories can specify if, for example they are about a Station orbiting Vall, or a Ship splashed on Laythe or landed on Dres. Next up would be implementing the same to shouts, and implementing that Chatterer-like behavior to shouts. I also thought that it would be really cool if shouts could talk about your vessel, or your crew, so I'm thinking of making that too. That's all for now. Cheers! Edit: Quick question: Do you think it makes sense for Kerbals to randomly post shouts while they are doing something? I've been browsing the GameEvents class, and it turns out that there are many callbacks for different kinds of events. For example, there is a callback to planting a flag, to going on an eva, even to just repairing a wheel. I thought it would be fun if the Kerbal that did the act would shout about it (randomly, i.e. sometimes they wont shout, or based on how stupid/courageous they are) What do you think?
  4. Thanks @Kosmonaut! Hey @Angel-125! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, they are flavor text! That's the word I'm looking for that best describes what I'm aiming for. I aim for the Kerbals to develop personalities via the shouts and stories as the player progresses through the game. That's why I'm thinking of making the stories interconnected. I'm constantly contemplating on how I can make some stories interconnected, as well as maybe have some shouts interconnected too, and have the shouts and stories interconnected to be able to build a narrative. But this one sounds a little too complex, so I'm just putting it as a todo for now. I'll look into this once I reach that part during the development. It'll be really fun to see the crew's reaction to their Snacks/Supplies/Food, especially since I made it so that your current crew can also shout random nonsense on the shout feed. Thanks! Really appreciate it! Just some some quick update: I made the rep-related shout percentage configurable on the settings. So the user can actually zero it out which means that there will never be rep-related shout on the feed. I also added outlier rep level shouts, since you know, you can't please everyone. Just 1 or 2 shouts that don't correspond to your current reputation level will appear on the feed. Another thing I added to the shouts is a 'progress requirement'. (Will be implemented on stories next) One of the things I find hard when making shouts is making them generic, i.e. applicable to any situation. IRL, stories happen around something, people tweet about something, not just something generic. So I thought about adding a progress requirement to the shout/story so that it can talk about such progress. For example, if there is a baseShout like: In the example above, the progress requirement specifies that the player should have returned a vessel from the Mun surface, landed on Minmus, but have not yet returned a vessel from the Minmus surface. With this requirements in the place, the shout won't feel out of place when it shows up on the feed. On the technical side, the progress requirement keywords will come from the ProgressTracking.Instance.GenerateSummary part of the API. I plan to create a wiki about creating shouts and stories once their properties start to become more solid. Anyway, this recent development to the shouts still need more testing. After this, I plan on making the shouts and stories situational next. What I mean is that, I will check the current situation of the vessel and the crew/netizens will shout about it or stories will be based around it. e.g. A base on Minmus will also have Minmus related stories, etc. Then there is also that other feature where stories/shouts will happen once an event happens to the player. e.g. A probe arrives at Eeloo. It is perfectly normal for the KerbShout feed to be filled with shouts, that maybe congratulate you for a job well done or ridicule you for something so pointless. It depends on your reputation!
  5. @theonegalen Thanks! I hope I can release before your next playthrough I haven't played with Kerbal Health, but yeah, maybe the Kerbals can post shouts when they don't feel well. Once I finalize(or simplify) the properties of shouts and stories, I'll work on mod-compatibility next. Oh yeah, I guess you're right. I'll make it configurable then. It's also useful when debugging
  6. Oh. I wasn't able to catch that haha. Hmm maybe I should increase the priority of this todo? I always love it when the mods are compatible and sync well with each other, and making this mod compatible will really be awesome. I'll think about it. Anyway, here's a quick update. Some of the shouts are now based on your reputation level. I made it so that 60% of the shouts on the feed pertain to your rep level, while the remaining 40% are just random shouts. The 60-40 ratio is chosen arbitrarily, and I'm thinking of making this a setting, though making it one would make it seem that there might be too many configurable settings. I'm also thinking of having outlier rep level shouts that don't correspond to your current level. For example, if you have a very high reputation, there will still be 1 or 2 shouts that are as if you have low reputation, or vice versa. Something like: Aside from adding more shouts and stories, this is I'm planning on making stories and shouts situational, as well as adding a 'required milestone' to them. If the player has already achieved some milestone in the past, some shouts will be about that milestone, and the Kerbals will be talking about it in shouts postively/negatively depending on your reputation. For example, if the player has already landed on Gilly before, some of the shouts will be: Maybe we could step it up and have a milestone achieved, and another not yet achieved. For example, if the player has landed on Gilly but not yet on Eve, Situational shouts will work just like Chatterer. IIRC in Chatterrer, chatters get activated once you cross an SOI, or achieved an orbit and the like. I'm thinking of adding shouts that work like that as well. For example, you have a probe that has just entered Eeloo SOI, depending on your reputation, Kerbals will talk about it positively or negatively. And I'm thinking of having this happen instantly. i.e. just before crossing the SOI, the feed will be normal, but after crossing, there will be a lot of shouts talking about the crossing. What do you guys think? Man, @ensou04's idea is just too awesome, I really like it. If you have any opinions about the things I'm thinking of going forward, please do let me know. I'm also thinking of developing the stories alongside shouts. If some aspects are also applicable to stories, I'm planning on adding them as well. Oh yeah, I'm still asking for suggestions for shouts and stories. This is the part that I'm not really confident because I don't use social media that much and I'm not really a creative writer. I'll be sure to add you in the credits if you suggest one, and as the author of that certain story/shout. Thanks and cheers!
  7. :O Really? I probably have it turned off since I use Snacks!, but I play in super easy mode so I might have turned it off.
  8. @Krakatoa Thanks. That wasn't solely my idea though. We also have ensou04 to thank for that @Bottle Rocketeer 500 I'm actually planning on having interconnected stories. For example: Then the messages/shoutouts gradually get more demanding. Something like: But that's it. The issue will be resolved in the background. As @Benjamin Kerman says, my vision is to just have some storytelling effect. Though I do admit it is a good idea. For example, IIRC, USI-LS has the same sort of feature, if the hab time/space (i'm not sure what's the correct term) is not enough for the crew, they'll turn into tourists and you, the player will not be able to control the ship. I thought that I could create some sort of interface that USI-LS can call, so that it can post some stories/shoutouts before the crew can turn into tourists. But yeah, that'll be further down the road. I added it in my TODO list just in case. So yeah, I finally had the time to update the first post, but I felt that the write-up is still lacking, particularly the part about Shoutouts. I will probably be updating it again. I will also update the screenshots with the latest version when I get home.
  9. Just a quick update before I sleep! So I've been having so much fun building the shoutouts feed. When I make this situational and based on your reputation, it's gonna be 1000x more awesome! @ensou04's idea was really cool! Here's a couple of screenshots: And here's how I envision the stories to look like: As you can see, it's supposed to mimic a browser. I'm still working on that. I've actually finished creating a github repo. It can be found here. I have not chosen any license yet though, I'd like to have more time to decide on that. Lastly is the first post on this thread. I'll be honest, I had too much fun coding so I haven't gotten around to doing it properly yet. I would like to consolidate information properly on the first post, as well as compile a TODO list or roadmap. But I promise I'll do it soon. Cheers~
  10. @Benjamin Kerman thanks! I'll look into that. Btw, I've setup github. I will be fixing the first post soon.
  11. @Benjamin Kerman Ooh that will be a big help. I've yet to setup github, but I will do so soon. I have only used git in my personal projects, and I have no experience using it with other people (we use different version control at work). As such, I actually don't know how to handle pull requests and the like. Though I think it's nothing that a simple research and study cannot solve. Anyway, I will be setting up the github once I finalize the name. The name. I'm getting stuck with the name and I think I'm really overthinking this. To be able to proceed, I have decided on a name, and if I think (or someone could suggest) a really good one, I will just change it down the road. The name I have decided on is: "Kerbal Stories and Shoutouts", or Kerbal SNS for short. So the official reports will be known/called as stories, and the tweets will be called as shoutouts. I think the name captures what this mod is about, and I like that its abbreviation is SNS, which could stand for social networking site, which is what twitter is. With this, I will be updating this thread to a WIP one, as well as creating a github repo for this. @Benjamin Kerman I'll pm you once the setup is complete. Thanks! Edit: Oh sorry, please point me in the right direction first. If all else fails, I'll just ask for you to make a pull request. I got excited about the pull request since it will be the first time that I'll be handling that
  12. @DStaal For now I just put them into one file. That's actually a really good idea! I'll look into that, but for now I'll just add it to my TODO list. @FungusForge That's a good idea too. Since my vision of this is that it shouldn't change the game whatsoever, nothing should happen if the player ignores the prompt. If the player chooses to explore, what will happen is just another event is unlocked. I'll add it to my TODO list too! Though I imagine that that would be implement further down the line. Hmm, now that I think about it, can this be done via Mission Builder? Anyway, to officially start the development of this mod, I have to come up with the name that will serve to identify this mod. Random Kerbal Events is just a placeholder, and I thought that a more unique, snappy name would be better. I thought about @ensou04's suggestions. "Kerbal Social Network" is a good one, and I'm building from that, as well as "Kerbal Report!" and "Kerbal Log". I also liked how snappy "Ping!" sounds. With this, I thought of "Social Networks and Archived Reports of Kerbals Installed on Encampments (SNARKIE)". But on hindsight, it looked really long and cumbersome, so I won't use it. I really liked the twitter idea, and as I said it complements well with the reports part. It is the perfect place for meme-y messages, or those corny jokes and lame puns, as well as some more official news headlines. The mod can detect milestones the player does and have some Kerbals tweet about it and it will be really cool. I also like the fact that it can be tied to the reputation! As such, I'm thinking of including it on the name. I would like to capture the name (Twitter)'s essence in the name. As you might know, tweets are supposed to succint, as there is a character limit when posting a tweet. Since there are no animals on Kerbin (that we know of), I thought of using the Kerbals instead. I really liked Chatterer's name, as it captures what that mod is about. Real life audio are kerbalized to make it sound just simple 'chatter' while playing, but it really increases immersion. For me, playing the game without chatterer would seem like an entirely different game. When Kerbals speak (e.g. on Squad's trailers), they really seem to be nonsensical chatters. And some (or most) of the time, tweets are also nonsensical, I thought of calling tweets something synonymous to chatter, like maybe ramble, babble, yap, etc. Then the official reports are more like stories, so I thought of capturing that in the name too. With this, I thought of the following names (prefix Kerbal can be ommitted): (Kerbal) Reports & Rambles (Kerbal) Random Reports & Rambles (Kerbal) Reports & Rants (Kerbal) Random Reports & Rants (Kerbal) Stories & Shoutouts (Kerbal) Myths & Mumbles (Kerbal) Tales & Tattles I thought having similar words start in the same letter is kind of 'snappy'. I personally like "Kerbal Random Reports & Rants" though, where twitter will be named ranter, but it still doesn't seem to quite fit. I think I might be overthinking this. :v
  13. So I now have built a very very very rough prototype mod illustrating the basics of the idea I had. You can download it here. What it does is it gets all of your stations and bases currently in flight, matches their crew to a random event listed on a cfg file, and sends a message via the MessageSystem like so: You can also add your own events to the eventList.cfg file. The format is the following: Since this is a rough prototype, I would advise against using it in your own save file, unless you know what you are doing. If you want to try the prototype though, I will also provide the save file that I used in testing right here. The frequency of the messages can be adjusted in the settings like so: Once I finalize the name of this mod, I'll update this thread to a WIP one, as well as provide more links, and probably a license as well. But for now, here's the prototype containing my vision. Cheers!!
  14. @Benjamin Kerman You're right! Thanks for the comment. Whether some mod or the stock uses an 'EVENT' or not, it's still better to use a more unique node name to avoid future problems. I'll fix that. @BRAAAP_STUTUTU Yep, BARIS has something similar, but the focus is different.
  15. @Benjamin Kerman Yeah! That's one of the objectives of the MVP I'm planning to build. To be able to change the frequency of the messages in-game To be able to get the crew of vessels, and use their names appropriately on the messages To be able to add/edit/delete events just by editing the cfg file That's why I'm also considering how the cfg file will be structured, i.e. what the properties of the 'Event' object will be. For now, it's a simple as: I actually plan to post the MVP once I achieve the above objectives, so as to make my vision more 'concrete'. From there I will proceed. Anyways, I was just really glad to make it work for the first time. This is my first time building a mod for a game, and also my first time with C#, so there are many things that were new to me. And honestly, I thought I would bump into lots of problems early on. Turns out it was easy to start coding since there is a wealth of resources here and there, and I'm really thankful for that! @ensou04 Thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep those in mind while considering what the name will be! And yeah I'm excited to build the twitter part too! I actually plan to build it right after the MVP, because it will really blend well with the reports. Though I imagine that building it will take longer time, since I will need to create its own UI. But that part actually also excites me, I can't wait to get onto it! Edit: A name idea came to me just as I was about to sleep. I thought of posting here so I won't forget. It's a bit of a stretch, but "Social Networks and Archived Reports of Kerbals Installed in Encampments", or SNARKIE, seems cool hahaha