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  1. Hi guys! So I've been testing the game event triggered shouts for a while now, apologies for taking so long. Anyway, I realized that I've only been testing in Career mode. Since the shouts are tied to the reputation, it didn't come to mind to test it in Sandbox and Science modes until now. So here's my question, if there is no reputation, how do you think the shouts should be displayed? In Career mode, a large percent of the shouts will depend on your rep. For example, if you have around 400 rep, a large percent of the shouts will praise your space program, and will express excitedness for whatever you do. There will also be shouts when you do something in-game, e.g. flag planting, kerbal hiring etc. Most of these shout will sound positive for high reputation, and negative for low reputation. But in Sandbox or Science mode, there is no reputation, so these shouts just get displayed randomly. Should I disable reputation related shouts entirely? Display them randomly? Assume high reputation and display as if the user has high reputation? Something else? Any thoughts? Especially to @ensou04? Cheers!!
  2. I see where you're coming from. I believe that this is just some bad impressions gained from the all those debacles with EA. But I believe (and hope to continue believing) that KSP is different from all those other games.
  3. Only one way to find out! Yeah! When I installed IR, it opened a 'whole new world' of building for me. Same reason why I haven't installed kOS yet, because I will be drowned with all the new possibilities. Man I can't really wait for this DLC to come out XD
  4. Oh yeah, that could work too haha. I didn't think about that, but it seems to be a good in-game advertisement too. I think that's going to be one of the new stock robotic part. It looks like a hydraulic piston to me.
  5. Hmm, in my understanding, the terrain scatters will just be 'something to see/discover' that's why I agreed that they should be in the base game. They'll just be like new anomalies, hence I referred to them as such. I mean sure there are already anomalies on the planets, but I think more would be good. This is so awesome to hear! Thanks! Maybe I should just mention @IgorZ here XD I actually didn't know this, but since @CobaltWolf mentioned that SEP was discontinued, I think it won't be much of a problem. And now that I think about it, I can have an explanation for why there are two versions of a functionality (e.g. IR and stock robotics). I could just say in my headcanon that IR was a third-party manufacturer software (which means that it works on third party parts) and that the stock robotics are KSC developed software. All is well
  6. Personally, I think the DLC is worth more than its current price. But I'm a filthy weab that buys overpriced plastic figures, so my sense of value is somewhat off. :v But the point still stands, the DLC brings so much new content to the game that I think it's worth a go. As quoted above, this is one good way to keep the game going. Let's be practical here, software development costs money, and this DLC is a really good way to generate income for the game. It has robotic parts people! And deployable experiments! Rover arms! Though I still stand by Gameslinx point. Maybe have the anomalies on the base game and the functionality on the DLC. It's a really good compromise IMO.
  7. Yeah I get what you're talking about. Software development is costly, and I am also willing to buy the DLC. In fact I think it's worth more than it's current price. But I think @Gameslinx has a point too. The planets have been bland for a while now. They needed something to spice them up. So I actually like his proposal to put the anomalies on the base game, but have the functionality to interact with them on the DLC. I think it's a good compromise.
  8. I wholly agree with you on this one. Thanks a lot for explaining it. I love IR, and all the other mods out there. I love them so much because they make the game 1000x more fun. But yeah at the end of the day, they're mods. They have their limits. I know that and accept that as I play my game. That's why I'm so hyped about this DLC. Hahahahaha I read this in your voice XD So looking forward to it
  9. It's a DLC, so yeah, it will not be a full replacement for KIS. Still I wish the DLC would be compatible to the existing mods, since I will definitely buy it and I don't want to give up the mods I have installed.
  10. I agree, this is my primary concern too. I've been playing a heavily modded game, and I hope it would stay consistent and compatible.
  11. Goes to show how the community is still excited about this game! Our enthusiasm might be getting overboard.
  12. That's nice to hear! I don't know what to feel about this. The way KIS works right now really adds a different dimension to the game. I mean I was able to pick up debris on the Munar surface and assemble something to improve my existing base. Not that realistic, I know, but it was fun planning and executing nonetheless. If it's just an inventory system, maybe it's OK? Anyway, still seems to be fun and am really looking forward to it!!
  13. That's good to hear. I guess I'll just wait. For now, once I've come up with a naming scheme, I'm still planning on installing SEP on my save and deal with the issues on my own (via quicksaves or cheats or some headcanon about the Kraken). I always attribute bugs to the Kraken in my headcanon so I can deal with that. Can we clarify this? What I'm thinking right now is that the deployable experiments are ever present on a payload bay or something, and we use the rover with the arms to 'detach' them from the payload bay and 'deploy' them on the ground. Is this how it works? Or would the Kerbal be able to 'grab' it and 'deploy' it just like planting a flag? Cheers~
  14. Oh that's sad. SEP is an awesome mod, and I've been wanting to try it for a while now. I just don't have a naming scheme for SEP 'bases' that's why I haven't tried it yet. If it turns out that you can add new deployable experiments using the DLC, would you reconsider adopting SEP to the new system? Or have you really closed the doors for SEP?
  15. Wow this is really awesome! I'll probably get this (along with the other dlc) down the road. One thing I would like to know about is its compatibility with the current mods though. As you might probably know, robotic parts already exist via IR, and afaik modders can use IR to make their own robotic parts too, making it highly compatible. SEP is a mod that requires KIS/KAS and it makes perfect sense for it to be so. As you can see, the mods interplay with each other which makes this game really really fun and highly increases the game's replay value. @UomoCapra If the user has the DLC, would the modders be able to, say use the stock robotics system to make their own robotic parts too? Would the modders be able to make their own deployable experiments using the system the dlc uses (As @CobaltWolf asks in the above quote) Cheers~ Edit: add mention
  16. Ugh, sorry it's taking so long guys. I don't really want to say this because it sounds like an excuse, but my work's getting really tough lately, and it seems like it's gonna get tougher in the coming months. (There are other reasons too actually) Nevertheless, I try to progress with coding as much as I can. If you are curious with the progress of the mod, you can just check the github repo, though I'm not making any significant progress either. Cheers!
  17. Sorry, perhaps you were talking about the Kerbshouts Logo? Or are you really talking about the toolbar icon? I was actually thinking of changing it too, but as you said, it seems okay as it is right now. It's short and succinct, and perfectly convey the mod.
  18. Thanks! The idea was originally ensou04's, and just like you I loved the idea as well. I feel that once this is finished, it will make Kerbin feel more 'alive', as well as give your Kerbonauts their own personalities. Yeah, that's what I thought so too. This would be really cool from the perspective of the player, but on the technical side, it seems really difficult. This is a good idea. But as you said, seems a little too complex for what I want. I'll take note of the variations you suggested though, might be useful somewhere sometime. For example, I made it so that lay kerbals (normal citizens of Kerbin) and the player's own crew themselves post on Kerbshsouts. Your idea might not be applicable for the crew, but might be applicable for the lay kerbals. But yeah, seems difficult so I'll just note it. I actually didn't know that. Maybe I should look more into Chirper. I don't play Cities Skylines, but I have a friend that does. Maybe I should ask for some details from them. For now though, I guess I'll just use a default picture. I'll just use a different one depending on the gender. Oh, and maybe a different design for the player's crew? It seems a good idea to vary the profile picture per the poster type. Hmm I'll take note of that. Oh wow, that looks interesting! Maybe I could use that somewhere too. For the Kerbshout logo, this is the concept that I had in mind, but as you can see, it's very basic and very simple and very rough. Maybe someone else has better ideas?
  19. @DeltaDizzy Thanks for the info! I'll look into that thread. IIRC, I enabled issues for the github repo of this mod, so I will also be looking into how github handles issues. Thanks!
  20. Hi guys! Just to let you know, I'm still working on this mod. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I'm currently working on implementing situation-triggered shouts. Unfortunately, it's taking longer than I thought. Anyway, I'm actually planning on treating this feature as the final feature for something like a 0.0.1 version, a baseline. When finished, I'm thinking of releasing it as an alpha version. With this alpha version, I'm thinking of asking for help with testing. I'm pretty sure there are a number of bugs, as I've come across a few while testing myself. What is the policy of the community regarding this? Are there things I need to do before I start asking for some help? Is it also possible to ask for help regarding the 'logo' of KerbShouts? It's currently just a placeholder image from the "Flags" directory of Squad, but I think it would be better if it were a unique logo. I would also like to ask for opinions regarding the 'profile pictures' in the shouts. I'm thinking that it would be cool if it is different per Kerbal, just like in a real twitter feed, but generating many 'profile pictures' seems to be difficult.
  21. Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity, I took some break from coding during the holidays, but I'm now back! I'm currently focusing on implementing the mechanism for situation-triggered shouts. This might take some time though. Thanks! I really hope I can cross this mod with all the other mods out there. It would be really fun if, for example in Kerbal Health, if a Kerbonaut has fully recuperated in KSC, they'll shout something that relates to this, or if a Kerbal becomes sick, they'll shout about it too. Btw, if anyone have a story or shout they want to suggest, don't hesitate to tell me here. Cheers~
  22. Hmm maybe I could make it so that they'll post a shout the moment they go on an EVA, so that it would seem like they posted it inside the vessel, right before leaving the airlock. I'm thinking that maybe I could 'remember' anything they do on EVA, then post a shout once they board a vessel (whether the same vessel or not) as @DeltaDizzy suggests. Seems kind of difficult but I'll see what's possible and what's not. I found the quantum tunneling phone kind of funny, I'll probably create a shout along the same lines Thanks! It seemed difficult at first but it turned out to be relatively easy after I discovered the AllConfigs method.
  23. Just some quick update: I've been updating the todos on the first post when I've finished implementing something. First, I was able to add a progress requirement to the stories and shouts as I have described in my previous post. I also changed the way the base stories and shouts are loaded. Previously, they were loaded from a fixed file, but now they are loaded from anywhere under the GameData folder, as long as they have the right root node name. Thanks to @Benjamin Kerman for putting me into the right direction Lastly, I was able to add vessel type and vessel situation requirement to the Stories. At first, I limited the stories to space stations and bases, but I thought stories could happen to other vessel types too. For example, if you have a ship heading for Jool, a random story could happen there and it would be really fun to get notified about it. So I removed the fixed vessel type limitation, but I added it as a property of the story so that the story can specify it. Now stories can specify if, for example they are about a Station orbiting Vall, or a Ship splashed on Laythe or landed on Dres. Next up would be implementing the same to shouts, and implementing that Chatterer-like behavior to shouts. I also thought that it would be really cool if shouts could talk about your vessel, or your crew, so I'm thinking of making that too. That's all for now. Cheers! Edit: Quick question: Do you think it makes sense for Kerbals to randomly post shouts while they are doing something? I've been browsing the GameEvents class, and it turns out that there are many callbacks for different kinds of events. For example, there is a callback to planting a flag, to going on an eva, even to just repairing a wheel. I thought it would be fun if the Kerbal that did the act would shout about it (randomly, i.e. sometimes they wont shout, or based on how stupid/courageous they are) What do you think?
  24. Thanks @Kosmonaut! Hey @Angel-125! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, they are flavor text! That's the word I'm looking for that best describes what I'm aiming for. I aim for the Kerbals to develop personalities via the shouts and stories as the player progresses through the game. That's why I'm thinking of making the stories interconnected. I'm constantly contemplating on how I can make some stories interconnected, as well as maybe have some shouts interconnected too, and have the shouts and stories interconnected to be able to build a narrative. But this one sounds a little too complex, so I'm just putting it as a todo for now. I'll look into this once I reach that part during the development. It'll be really fun to see the crew's reaction to their Snacks/Supplies/Food, especially since I made it so that your current crew can also shout random nonsense on the shout feed. Thanks! Really appreciate it! Just some some quick update: I made the rep-related shout percentage configurable on the settings. So the user can actually zero it out which means that there will never be rep-related shout on the feed. I also added outlier rep level shouts, since you know, you can't please everyone. Just 1 or 2 shouts that don't correspond to your current reputation level will appear on the feed. Another thing I added to the shouts is a 'progress requirement'. (Will be implemented on stories next) One of the things I find hard when making shouts is making them generic, i.e. applicable to any situation. IRL, stories happen around something, people tweet about something, not just something generic. So I thought about adding a progress requirement to the shout/story so that it can talk about such progress. For example, if there is a baseShout like: In the example above, the progress requirement specifies that the player should have returned a vessel from the Mun surface, landed on Minmus, but have not yet returned a vessel from the Minmus surface. With this requirements in the place, the shout won't feel out of place when it shows up on the feed. On the technical side, the progress requirement keywords will come from the ProgressTracking.Instance.GenerateSummary part of the API. I plan to create a wiki about creating shouts and stories once their properties start to become more solid. Anyway, this recent development to the shouts still need more testing. After this, I plan on making the shouts and stories situational next. What I mean is that, I will check the current situation of the vessel and the crew/netizens will shout about it or stories will be based around it. e.g. A base on Minmus will also have Minmus related stories, etc. Then there is also that other feature where stories/shouts will happen once an event happens to the player. e.g. A probe arrives at Eeloo. It is perfectly normal for the KerbShout feed to be filled with shouts, that maybe congratulate you for a job well done or ridicule you for something so pointless. It depends on your reputation!
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