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  1. I dunno if I'm again having trouble understanding frames of reference but can someone explain to me why do I get results like on this picture: I want to get a direction pointing along body's rotation axis with up direction set to the Solar Prime Vector. I use BODY:ANGULARVEL to get the direction of the axis. As you can see both Kerbin and Mun return some proper vector. However I get very different results when plugging both vectors to LOOKDIRUP, while they should be almost identical. The vessel is in Mun's SOI in this case and I use JSNQ.
  2. Oh, OK. This is indeed explained on the Reference Frames page. It probably would be wise to repeat some of this info here, or at least put a link there.
  3. Hi, why KERBIN:VELOCITY:ORBIT = V(0,0,0)? If thought it should return orbital velocity of Kerbin around it's parent body, which is the Sun.
  4. Hello again. while docking two ships I get CTD with no error messages about one second after successful connection . These are the last entries in the log: [LOG 17:08:55.939] 2/4/2021 5:08:55 PM,kOS-IRWrapper,Attempting to Grab IR Types... [LOG 17:08:55.952] [FAR v0.16.0.1]: Updating vessel voxel for Space Station-2 [LOG 17:08:56.360] [FAR v0.16.0.1]: Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00980822366822485 Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 167.724347110611 filled vol: 32.2048617377845 If I remove FAR the last entry is kOS, I just wanted to show that kOS is not the last mod try
  5. Pretty sure it's gone but it's understandable, since after patching RF does not act on the jet pack.
  6. Your patch works like charm. The only tweak I had to do was to add :BEFORE[RealFules] to both patches. The reason for this is that I use Kerbalism, and it's Kerbalism that patches EVA Propellant into Monopropellant. Then Real Fuels comes, sees Monopropellant on the jet pack, and turns it into a service tank , which it can't further handle I guess. So the trick it is to "hijack" the jet pack and fill it with something that is not stock fuels after Kerbalism but before Real Fuels. I get this log input from part compiler: [LOG 22:27:39.212] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/Cargo/
  7. That's the thing - it's not me. From the moment I installed 1.11, jet packs were patched to 25l service tanks. I don't recall any patch regarding EVA propellant but I guess it is there somewhere and it does it's job on jet packs. Do you mean remove service tanks for jet packs? Anyway, I'll try your patch today. BTW, since 1.11 I don'y get rescue contracts. Can it be related to this change in EVA?
  8. I don't mean refill, I mean how do you add any fuel at all? My jet packs come empty and there is no option to fill them, as with any other RF tanks. They are patched as service tanks though, I'm kinda not sure where this patch comes from. I don't recall any patch regarding EVA Propellant. How come no one complains about it? Am I the only one with this problem? Do your jet packs come filled with any fuel?
  9. @garwel - you can use this for the time being set steeringmanager:pitchtorquefactor to 0.1. set steeringmanager:yawtorquefactor to 0.1. set steeringmanager:rolltorquefactor to 0.1. RCS will work flawlessly then. Engine gimballing will be a little too aggressive for a change but nothing game breaking.
  10. Guys, how do I add fuel to jet packs? I have hydrazine on board, yet when I go to EVA I have a warning about lack of fuel in the jest pack. I can see that the jet pack has a defined fuel tank in VAB, but it has no right-click menu with a button to edit tank's contents.
  11. Well, we can try. I've found an old webcam, so I have a mic, a bit crappy though. Still have to figure out how to stream. I think I know how start a stream but not how to see what is streaming.
  12. Dunno, can I stream via website or do I have to install it (I'm on web Discord as JebIsDeadBaby#5004 right now)? Also I do not have a microphone attached to the PC, which may be a problem. Never streamed anything via Discord.
  13. I'm u/Angel0a, since yesterday I use the patch you've just released. Can it be this patch introduced this (I don't recall having this problem before the patch frankly, although I finished only one flight in my campaign before I approached you with the bug on Reddit, so I might just missed it )? Anyway, my ship uses a few mods, I may test it on some simpler design tomorrow (it's close to midnight where I am). EDIT: OK, I checked it. Mk1 + FL-R25 tank + CX4181 + 4x RV-105 RCS on the waist, so I guess all stock parts but I use Restock models (shouldn't matter I guess). Important mods
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