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  1. Well, we can try. I've found an old webcam, so I have a mic, a bit crappy though. Still have to figure out how to stream. I think I know how start a stream but not how to see what is streaming.
  2. Dunno, can I stream via website or do I have to install it (I'm on web Discord as JebIsDeadBaby#5004 right now)? Also I do not have a microphone attached to the PC, which may be a problem. Never streamed anything via Discord.
  3. I'm u/Angel0a, since yesterday I use the patch you've just released. Can it be this patch introduced this (I don't recall having this problem before the patch frankly, although I finished only one flight in my campaign before I approached you with the bug on Reddit, so I might just missed it )? Anyway, my ship uses a few mods, I may test it on some simpler design tomorrow (it's close to midnight where I am). EDIT: OK, I checked it. Mk1 + FL-R25 tank + CX4181 + 4x RV-105 RCS on the waist, so I guess all stock parts but I use Restock models (shouldn't matter I guess). Important mods
  4. The latest version seems to waaay overestimate available RCS torque. Steering manager keeps RCS firing until the desired angle is achieved, obviously overshoots, which results in an infinite loop of corrections. Reducing torque factors to 0.1 solves the problem for me.
  5. Hi, now with Emergency Suppress feature implemented, would you be willing to reconsider this old request of mine? I think enabling suppression whenever comm signal is lost would work exactly as Automatic-Line-Of-Sight-Guidance.
  6. @Nertea - sorry, might have been a false alarm. I use MandatoryRCS for so long that I forgot how far in the tech tree RCS' are supposed to be. Since you changed parts names (or is it Squad?), MandatoryRCS patches don't work now. So regardless of this exceptions all RCS parts may be where they are supposed to be in 1.10. However, I switched to 1.11 now and kinda too lazy to switch back just to check it. I do however have a problem with that linear RCS. Once you place it you can't select that damned thing. Multi nozzle RCS is OK.
  7. I get this exception on every R+ newly added RCS [EXC 18:14:52.256] MissingFieldException: Field 'GameEvents.onPartRepaired' not found. UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Object:DestroyImmediate(Object) PartLoader:StripComponent(GameObject) PartLoader:CreatePartIcon(GameObject, Single&) PartLoader:ParsePart(UrlConfig, ConfigNode) <CompileParts>d__56:MoveNext() UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr) None of the RCS' appear in game
  8. @BTAxis - yeah, can confirm, had the same problem too (I switched back to 1.10 since then though). Do you also have log spam in VAB after adding something to the scene (for me it was Mk1 pod)? Mine was so intense that my frame rate was dropping to 15 fps.
  9. Hi, how does FAR deal with CoPOffset and CoLOffset? I've recently removed an ablator from Mk1 pod to make use of a heat shield necessary. And to my surprise a pod with a heat shield is very unstable. In the thin upper atmosphere it has tendency to fly sideways, which with Deadly Reentry ends really bad really fast. I expected it to be even more stable as the heat shield adds mass to the bottom while preserving shape. Now I realized that all stock heat shields have an offset to CoL and CoP, which probably are the cause of the problem. I'd like to correct them as now they obviously l
  10. @Starwaster - how does DR calculate if parts are in the heat shield's aeroshadow? I dunno if I accidentally changed something but Restock's Mk1 Pod with Restock's 1.25 m heat shield burns instantly unless perfectly aligned with surface retrograde. I had no such problem in my previous game. EDIT: damn, I think maxTemps are screwed again. In game I get skinMaxOperationalTemp at only 1147.50 K on the Mk1 pod. How the hell do you trace which mod changed what? EDIT 2: OK, so I'm testing a minimum configuration: Squad + Squad Expansion + Deadly Reentry. Some time ago I decided to delete
  11. One more thing I've just found out - if you change EC utilization, you need to change EC unit mass in all tank definitions that can hold it. Otherwise EC starts adding TONS to the total weight of a tank. If you want to stay in line with battery power/weight ratio of 100EC/5kg, unit mass of EC should be utilization/20/1000, so in case of utilization of 7 it should be 0.00035. @TANK[ElectricCharge] { @utilization = 7 @mass = 0.00035 }
  12. This may be heavily dependent on TWR of your rocket. Imagine, you have a 100 kg rocket capable of 1200 N of thrust. From the Newton's 2nd law of motion we know it will be capable of initial acceleration of 12 m/s^2. BUT... when your rocket goes straight up, there is gravity which accelerates it in the opposite direction at ~10 m/s^2 (on Earth). This means your rocket accelerates at 2 m/s^2, 6 times slower than expected, while still burning fuel at full rate. A 1000 N engine (which gives TWR of 1.0) not only wouldn't be able to reach the Mun or even 80 km, it wouldn't go anywhere at all.
  13. I'm not sure what case you're arguing here. IMO it should be possible within 18t limit with Tier II (General Rocketry) parts tops. I must admit I haven't played stock in ages and I'm out of touch with stock difficulty level but IIRC it was possible in stock (Mk1 to orbit is rather basic achievement after all). Regardless of how modded is your game, you'll be stuck with T1 VAB and T1 launchpad for a while and your ability to milk science and funds with basic parts may be limited.
  14. Hi linuxgurugamer, there seems to be a bug in CTB since 1.10 at least. If you launch a pod without any crew, no locks are applied and you control such a vessel. In case of crew leaving a pod, locks get applied and the pod becomes uncontrollable. Not a game breaking bug but triggers my OCD. Cheers.
  15. Huh, I started to wonder where the original value of basemass = volume * 0.000016 actually comes from. I guess the original creators did their research but I thought I'll check the numbers. It's surprisingly hard however to find fuel tank volumes for common boosters. Finally I've found this paper titled Analysis of Propellant Tank Masses, which is exactly what I was looking for. It deals with LOX/LH tanks. Long history short, it shows that tank mass to propellant mass ratio is usually about 1/10, with 1/20 being the best one could aim for in their design. Now, LH tanks tend to be huge and thus
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