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  1. Well, according to the description of the Service Module tank from the 3rd post of this very thread: So to my understanding you need a highly pressurized tank for RCS to work (so Service Module of Fuselage types). Yet they work just fine on a rocket with Default tanks only.
  2. Hi, KSP 1.3.1 + RF 12.5.0 + RF Stockalike Configs 3.2.4 - RCS works with no problem even when no Service Module is attached. Is this intentional or a bug withing RF or RF Stockalike Configs?
  3. I have 8GB of RAM and 2GB of RAM on my video card. My slowdowns seemed to be caused by something what looked like a memory dump to the hard drive. This spiked HD usage to 50% (seems like maximum usage per process in may case, as this was a solid, constant 50%, or maybe it shows write time only, the other 50% being read time?) and probably some RAM and CPU too. Not only KSP slowed down, everything slowed down due to this (nothing crashed however). Subtle.cfg and Default.cfg look rather similar, the biggest difference I noticed in case of EVA (and IVA) is Bloom Intensity set to 5, as opposed to 0.73 in the default config. Could it be the cause?
  4. @Freshmeat - yeah, I installed this mod yesterday and toyed with it for an hour or so, today I decided to give Osmium's Subtle config a try and got these massive slowdowns when EVA (in my case on the Mun). So it seems like not all these settings are GPU friendly. If I were you I'd open a config and comment out all EVA scene settings or replace them with one for flight for example (one that causes no problems). If it helps then uncomment them one at a time until you find the one causing problems.