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  1. 1. Can't change resolution ingame anymore. I did a fresh install many times before, bit this time the resolution is locked to a default setting. Every other setting works fine and is changeable. I know how to manually change it in the settings.cfg file, just wondering what is going on with the game menu. 2. When I go in the settings menu, the music stops and will not start again until some minutes have passed. 3. When heating effects appear, I also see them on the other side of the object. Through solid material. It makes a rocket look like it's made from glass.
  2. Hello kerbonauts, As a 'purist', I have never used any mods or cheatsheets and so I used to do all calculations by hand. The only way for me to use a CalculationsSheet, is to make one myself, so that's what I did. Using it for all sorts of hohmann-transfers, commsat-deployments and delta-v calculations. I know there have been other mods and sheets around for years, which can do exactly the same thing. I made my own CalculationSheets to maintain the 'purist' way of playing, but without having to do manual calculations. I have no problems at all with non-purists, it's a singleplayer g
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