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  1. Thanks for your response, turns out reinstalling TAC sorted it out...now before you clap your hand over your eyes and groan...I had thought I`d done this already but what I did do is cut the mod from Gamedata and paste it to the desktop, run KSP then paste it back. Must be corrupted in there somewhere. I do have a few mods installed which I suffer lag from e.g. GPP and G-OPP and all the pretties and I now face putting another 4gb module alongside the 12gb already installed. I`m pretty sure it`s needed as there is definite heavy hard drive activity after Kerbalising for a while. Anyhow, thanks
  2. In the course of my latest venture Kerbalside I noticed that my life support info was screwed up. It was listing ships that were long defunct and kerbals that were rescue contracts that had been archived, all apparently with 17 yrs food, oxy etc. It even claimed Bill was on EVA several times when I know damn well He`s at home with his feet up reading this months "Astronauts Digest". It`s all listed in the save persistant file but any attempt to delete or fiddle with any of it either results in a refusal to load a save or if it does then it`s broken TAC to the point it doesn`t recognise any fur
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