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  1. Hi all I can't get any robotic parts to work. I.e. PAL parts like claw and forklift, kanadarm rotating joints, romfarer, movable hinges, etc. I have infernal robotics last version installed. I back dated to crp version 0.7.0 or something to avoid the hang at loading screen. I updated from v1.3.0 to v1.3.1 but still nothing works. All my mods are up to date. Mods: 000_toolbar B9_aerospace B9animationModules B9partswitch Chartered Com cat kit Com res pack Configurable containers Contract configurator Contract packs
  2. Sorry & Thanks @softweir But...what and where is the 'mod release thread'?
  3. Hi I have konstruction mod on v1.3.1. I can't use PAL claw, or forklift, etc. No right click options. No servo button. Any ideas? Thanks...
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