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  1. It's great that you have updated this wonderful mod to the latest version! I missed him greatly. Thanks!
  2. This is traditionally done by linuxgurugamer. If you write to him, I think there will be no problems.
  3. Maybe, but it's not always convenient. Hot keys, for me, are more familiar.
  4. When the game is closed, the symmetry and angle settings are permanently reset to not set (by default, "X" and "C"). Can this be fixed?
  5. I have already deleted the mod and the log file is overwritten. I solved the problem with light globe. But the breaking Ground Expansion add-ons didn't load.
  6. It still doesn't work. Waiting for the official release for 1.10.x There may be a conflict with some mod.
  7. Let us know your solution for linuxgurugamer. It can't take over this job while you're developing it. I hope this useful project doesn't die.
  8. Is there any further work on the mod? On the latest version of KSP, it broke down.
  9. NFC uses nuclear reactors with the release of the EC
  10. If a person uses mods - Your mod, for example, then they will also find a mod for EC, Kerbal Atomic or Near Future
  11. Or remove the generator from the module.
  12. Nice idea! Here you need a balance for energy consumption from the reactor or storage devices.
  13. MJ is a great set of tools. you just need to understand that each of them has its own application limits. No one will take off using the landing tool , I hope )))) in close orbits, it is more correct to use the approach tool rather than the Hohmann transition.
  14. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hwrMPeYTmEc5rpiiciP60Z74lmblk75g/view?usp=sharing Why is this stage not deleted automatically?
  15. What version of KSP do you have? Version is intended for KSP 1.8.* and 1.9.* . If this is the case, try to delete all mods except MJ, check the game itself, maybe some file is damaged .
  16. The mod drives MJ autopilots crazy . Blocks the selection of elements on a neighboring ship to dock them. The idea is very good, but a lot of problems .
  17. I found the cause of the autopilot problems for the Rover. This was the Signal Delay mod.
  18. Perhaps you have a career mode and not all MJ modules are studied? It seems to me that the later ignition is due to a change in thrust during burning due to fuel consumption, and MJ takes this into account.
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