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  1. Thanks it works now! Kopernicus 1.6.0 was the problem.
  2. Anyone knows if OPM can somehow work with KSP 1.6.1?
  3. Newest that I could download, at least updater didn't whine about new version. KSP 1.3.1 MKS 0.53.0 USI Tools 0.10.2 Yeah that random might be physics jump.
  4. Things from MKS like metal processing, drills, agriculture randomly shuts off. Does anyone know how to fix it? No I'm not running out of power. I have plenty of space in planetary warehouse if i need room.
  5. When I update and rollback version I get horrible lag and make my game unplayable so I'm not risking it. I have some OPM to explore Wish they optimized high part ships somewhat. Insane FPS drops when going above 50 parts, and my bases have 80-100 and I have to limit everything like crazy. Wish there was some welding mod for landed bases.
  6. Have anyone tested KSP 1.4 if it runs better than 1.3.1? I'm unable to test it since I don't have vanilla ships and all I use is MKS and build big bases.
  7. I can never get transfer window from Mun to Minmus right. Is it broken?
  8. Unless 1.4 brings significant performance improvements, I'll pass!
  9. Thank you man! This is what I was looking for!
  10. [snip] Yeah I can't find mod for that.
  11. Does anyone know how to stop KSP from automatically putting in kerbals to ship I launch? I put every damn thing in myself even crew. So I launch ship and notice it's filled with kerbals and i have to revert to VAB. Why this game is putting in kerbals? Worse than stupid microsoft office trying to be smarter than user. I didn't put kerbals in why [snip] put them there?
  12. Anyone can post their good pad heap settings for game with lot of mods? I have 32GB ram and no fear of using it! Thank you!
  13. Well now I need someone who managed to put enriched uranium into planetary logistics warehouse.
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