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  1. Hey @allista, first, thanks for such an awesome mod! Really excited for all the possibilities. There's one use case I'm having trouble with though: One thing I'm trying to use the hangars for is as a reusable cargo bay. For example, put some ore tanks in to mine and haul ore, then take them out and put some fuel tanks in to refuel some stations, etc. The problem comes when trying to transfer resources between an outside source and the stored tanks (eg. mining ore into the stored tanks, transferring fuel from a refueling depot to the stored tanks). Because the stored tanks are unloaded from the game and can only be accessed via the Hangar resource transfer window it becomes very cumbersome to transfer since the parent ship ends up acting like a buffer. For example, let's say the parent ship has 1500 units of ore storage and has tanks in the hangar with 15000 units of storage (10x as much). In order to mine ore into the stored tanks I have to time warp until the parent ship's 1500 units are almost full, then cancel time warp, then click through the Hangar resource transfer screens, then run time warp again. Rinse and repeat 10x. It's quite a pain. Am I missing something here? Is there any better way of doing this? If not, any chance of a new feature that provides some way to mine/transfer into stored containers directly? Thanks again!