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  1. hello, is your mod compatible with ksp 1.3.1 and Ro?
  2. Hello, is your mod compatible with RO?
  3. Russekof71

    [1.2.x] [1.3.x] Simple RSS Patch

    Hello, is your patches compatible with SSTU - and ksp 1.4?
  4. Russekof71

    Realistic Kerbol System

    Hello, does your mod put the planets to the actual size of the solar system?
  5. Non sort la la nouvelle version maintenant!
  6. Hello, is there an RO config for the FH?
  7. hello, I play with SSTU RSS / RO but the capsule Orion does not work
  8. Hello, I use RSS / RO and my rocket effect spaghetti
  9. Russekof71

    [1.4.3] Space Launch System Basic Version

    Does the mod work with rss
  10. Hello everyone, did you manage to make a Falcon Heavy? Sin yes can you pass it to me! Sorry i'm french and i use google translate