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  1. I think I’m late on this, but is it updated/ updating to the new(ish) 1.4 and onwards?
  2. The only games I have ever played are ksp and war thunder. That’s it.
  3. “Meh, just scrape that Brocken car across the middle of the runway and we are done!”
  4. I have seen many a YouTube video where he/she has there own custom flag. i do not know if this is a copy and paste thing with the pc only. if there is anyone who knows how to get custom flags please tell me.
  5. Hey I have an idea,how about there is a new aspect in the ksc that players of all areas (console,pc.etc) will be able to customise space suits without having to use mods. Personally I will make the game a lot more creative and help players distinguish kerbals from one another (this is also as I am a Xbox player and cannot download mods)
  6. In the science mode on Xbox allows me to recover vessels though I’m in a orbit etc,I don’t know if it just my settings or a glitch,please help! (I did fiddle around with settings,if it helps)
  7. Today,sadly, jeb died in a failed rocket launch, R.I.P. Jeb
  8. @JoeKerbalGuy I play on Xbox and I think it’s the same as PS4 but on Xbox you cannot warp during a burn. Correct me if I am wrong as I have only been doing sstos to Easter eggs around kerbin for the past week or two.
  9. Although this may seem kind off odd for me to ask,but can I ask how to rank up? Is it to do with time on the forums,content count or some other ranking system?
  10. Eny pro know how to get an encounter with any planet on console? (preferably not eve)
  11. Hey enyone know how to rank up?


  12. Hello,I’m just another new member wondering how to dock and undock on console,I also have problems getting an encounter with Evan the moon,though I have got loads of ships to solar orbit,please help!
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