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  1. I sent both Output and error log. There are 2 links
  2. Weird, i chose the folder. Well, anyways here are the logs
  3. I did a fresh install, and installed some mods without CKAN. Here are the logs
  4. Weird, i downloaded these mods from curseforge, and it said that it was for 1.3.1. Welp, guess i need to use CKAN instead. Thanks!
  5. Hello! I replaced the mods, removed those that i don't need, but it is still crashing.
  6. Hello! So i have a problem, i can't play the game, it crashes in the middle of the loading. Here are the logs
  7. Well, i'm running 64 bit 1.3.1 KSP, downloaded the mod from here. I don't think it is a version problem.
  8. I can't deploy any USI modules. Even the Karibou Cargo bay does not deploy.
  9. I did. Maybe i missed something? There was -------------------------------------------------- 000_AT_Utils 000_USITools CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack Firespitter GroundConstruction UmbraSpaceIndustries ModuleManager.3.0.4.dll ------------------------------------------------- Also i downloaded the 1.3.1 version.
  10. I terminated the problem with crashing, now to the second subject - i can't deploy USI parts, even the Karibou Cargo Bay.