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  1. Haven't been on this forum in years but KSP 2 brought me back: I'm gonna second this motion
  2. Do it anyway cause I really wanna see that. Seems like a new method of propulsion may be the way to beat the current record.
  3. This is a great title, just shorten it: ”I don’t want to explode!”
  4. Congrats! I would totally do something like that if my computer wouldn’t become a slideshow.
  5. Wow! Can you tell or show us how you attached the mainsails to the bottom? I really like those boosters.
  6. Sounds kinda like the doodle-bug. Speaking of which, we haven’t seen one in a while...
  7. Blame it on the krakens, Angelo. They don’t know that you produce nuclear missiles...
  8. Angelo might want a plane... Anyway, I think you should add some anti kraken features... Maybe she is scared of them... or is one and is using this awesome plane as a disguise.
  9. Yeah, so as long as you have someone smart heading up the project and some okay voice actors, it would be great. It actually doesn’t seem like a much larger project than Just Jim has writing this because all the story and events are already laid out.
  10. Maybe one of our craft file makers would take you up on that...
  11. Yay! Science! I think we’re getting into the sci-fi that Just Jim intended when he illustrated the krakens abilities and Thompberry being put into the pod.
  12. A back door for the possessor, eh? What if the krakens are all still alive? What if the true mastermind that transferred Thompberry into his pod is still alive through a back door in his body? What if part of that ever so powerful kraken still lives on in Thompberry’s pod? Of course, these are all just a bunch of what ifs. Oh I just had another theory seconds after posting this. @Alchemist had a great addition recognizing that krakens still have a brain in their central area... but what if they removed their central brains and stored them in a “library” where their knowledge will live on forever? That would be a back door.
  13. Wow, pretty impressive idea! What if you inverted the mammoth and had it have its own fuel tanks, so you have an upside down rocket, and then you use 5m parts to get that into orbit? I should try that. As with the old thread quote, don’t worry- I’m still following it so I saw your message, but beware necroposting. This wasn’t too bad because it was only 3 months, but don’t post on threads that haven’t had posts in 6-9 months. Also, welcome to the forums! It’s a great place to learn about ksp. Before I joined I hadn’t landed on Minmus, but now I’ve landed on every Jool moon but Tylo! (Seriously, Tylo is a kerbal killer. RIP Patsen, Bill, Bob, Lolo and Val, from 3 separate Tylo missions.) Maybe 5m parts can help with my fatality rates...