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  1. Jeez - how long has it been? Anyways, I already did try adding more fuel, but the Ranger failed to even take off and get off the ground. Probably due to the low-thrust engines, but I really don't want to have to fool around in the part files.
  2. I also found some sort of conflict with CryoTanks. Whenever I use it alongside the mod, the Ranger aerospike engines and the Viper's integrated engines all somehow switch to using Liquid Hydrogen as their fuel. However, the Lander's engines remain the same. I tried editing the part files for the Ranger and Viper to switch their fuel to the Hydrogen, but now I get VERY little Delta-V.
  3. JPLRepo, can you update it for 1.4.3? I seem to be getting a crash when the mod is loaded on my 1.4.3 game.
  4. Welp I guess I'll have to uninstall even MORE mods, lol. Anyways, thanks still for continuing the mod!
  5. Thank you so much, man. I'm excited to see a lag-less Lander soon.
  6. I love the mod, dude. It is pretty great, and accurate, too! My only gripe with it is that I get a TON of lag and stuttering when using the Lander, especially when I'm trying to dock it with the Endurance ring, which is already in LKO. Can you please make it less laggy? I'm not having any lag at all with the Rangers and the Endurance itself (with only the Rangers, no Landers attached), though. Other than that, the whole mod is awesome! Thanks for making it a reality! Side note: I usually get ~25 FPS while piloting the Endurance without the Landers attached, only the Rangers. However, when I approach it while inside a Lander, my FPS drops down to about 15. Then, once I dock it, my FPS reaches 13-11. However, if I have 2 Landers docked with the Endurance, my FPS just drops to the ground. The game itself isn't playable at all.