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  1. Nice greetings from Germany, My Englisch ist not the best, but i try to tell you my Problem i downloaded the memgraphmaster.zip --> Open the Zip, then i see the Folder (Memgraph, GameData and .github. ---> i cope the Memgraph folder to the directory I:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData right? Then i open the settings.cfg (main folder from the game?) and wrote there enablelogging = true then start the Game, so when i press alt + * i dont see the memgraph windows, i try only press * but dont work. How i can used the memgraph? i used the Ver. 1.7.1 of the Game Greetings Wissi
  2. Hehe, thx for your reply I hope, that the Patch 1.4 will Fix it. Greetings Wissi
  3. Hey i am new here and from Germany, sorry for my Englisch, but i hope you all understand me good I have the same Problem like Kilhmar, i never find out, when it goes FPS Drops laggy, but i wondering me. Sometimes all run fine, and sometimes i have every 5 sec FPS Drops. After reading all Posts here, I have tested. And the Problem is: When i often reverse the launch then the Problem comes up with the FPS lag (Drops) every 5 Sec.. After close the game and start again and load the savegame, all running fine. But when the Bug is activ, i can run it from the launching Pad or from the VAB, the bug dont go away only restart the Game helps to 89%, sometime i need to restart my Computer lol And i dont think it is a mem Problem, my Brother have the Same Computer, only with a different Mem and Mainboard but we both have the I5 3570k and MSI GTX 970. He Play this Game too, and ask me, whats the Problem with the Game. I Answere "i dont know" Greetings Wissi