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  1. Thank you very much!! Downloading now and then I will give it a try.
  2. First I want to thank you for still maintaining this mod. I just looked up my first version, which was 0.4.3 in March 2013!! If this picture really shows what I think, I have to change my whole playstyle, because this mod is always the first one I install!
  3. You can find older versions on the Github Download Site. But you have to click on "Tags" next to "Releases" on the top left side. Then choose the version you need. Hope I could help
  4. Thanks for your wonderful mods and for maintainig them for years now! Maybe you want to update the title and the OP (just a hint).
  5. I like it so far, but I´m very disappointed that you have to restart the missions from the beginning if you messed up something!
  6. Just got this answer from the support: "Kurt (Deportedgames) Mar 13, 15:15 -05 Hi Markus, We've been dealing with an intense server load, and it's taking some time to get everyone eligible for the free DLC enabled. Please bear with us as we work on this. Best regards, KSP Support" I hope it is allowed to post this?
  7. Same date and no DLC! Already sent an E-Mail with the requested data to the support-team. I hope I did not forget anything!
  8. I didn´t get an answer on my question from Friday, so don´t expect one on yours! And I wanted to pay although I should get it for free! Sorry
  9. I´m sorry to tell you that you bought it 3 months late for getting it free!
  10. I´m a citizen of the EU an will hope that T2 knows and respects the terms pointed out in the latest EU-Court decision!!! http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32016D1250&from=EN
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