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  1. TurboBilder

    Space Shuttle Help

    Dear KSP community, I have been having some troubles lately with my space shuttle. When I launch the shuttle it just begins to roll to the side and pitch back. I cant really figure out what the problem is here o i came for help. Thanks!
  2. TurboBilder

    Infernal Robotics Help

    YES! It worked. thanks so much for all your time and help!
  3. TurboBilder

    Infernal Robotics Help

    So is this what my folder should look look like? It also seems that I am missing a .CFG file for the toolbar?
  4. TurboBilder

    Infernal Robotics Help

    Here is and image of my gamedata folder with the IR folders highlighted. Am I missing anything? Or is it just configured wrong?
  5. TurboBilder

    Infernal Robotics Help

    Ok so the link provided was quite confusing in the basis of where each file should go. I.E what in game data and what in Magic smoke industries if you could explain that that would be great I know the other parts are there because I have tried to use all of them with this white button and it never works
  6. TurboBilder

    Infernal Robotics Help

    Yes that is correct mine just looks like a grew empty box that says servo controller on it (sorry i cant send an image my imigur is on the fritz) I only have the white one next to the SCANSAT icon
  7. TurboBilder

    Infernal Robotics Help

    No the button is not yellow it looks like a robotic arm that is white on a grey backround
  8. TurboBilder

    Infernal Robotics Help

    Yes I can get you a screenshot and I don’t know about an up to date version
  9. I know infernal robotics has not been updated in a while but i have other mods that are older so i just dont get what the problem here is. so, when i use an IR part and go to the UI button in the toolbar i get a blank screen that just says servo controller and nothing else. i consider myself to be fairly familiar to how PC's work and i just cant fix it. Thanks for the help!
  10. Hi, I have been having some trouble lately with extraplanetary launchpads. I cant get the GUI to show up on the toolbar or the pads and i would really appreciate some help. Thanks!
  11. TurboBilder

    How do I land a rocket booster?

    I just don’t like how FMRS dose recovery with the whole back in time thing I just want to land a booster on my own while using say mechjeb to fly the core to orbit
  12. So I have been wondering, how do people like stratenblitz75 land their boosters while still getting the main core in to orbit? What mods does he use and how would I doo that. I can get as manny mods as I need to and I would prefer not to use a mod like FMRS and do something along the lines of a Falcon Heavy recovery Thanks!
  13. TurboBilder

    Infernal Robotics Help

    Hello ksp community I was wondering what the infernal robotics keys are so say I have a preset to rotate my folded wings down flat what would be a key that I would use to activate that preset without opening the UI?
  14. So I have been tryin to figure this out without using a mod like stage recovery and I can’t seem to get it right I was hoping to be able to do it like Marcus house dose in his videos Thanks!
  15. TurboBilder

    How do I build a submarine

    According to multiple scotches there is no ore on the ocean floor. So I guess I will use something like whatkeeikBalm said.