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  1. There was no eclipse. I also tried creating a new save, same problem. I will try to remove everything except Spectra and try again, but I really can't see a reason why strictly visual (no terrain change) and sounds and helper plugins may do that
  2. Day 7 of trying to find out what's wrong with my Spectra. Laythe looks like this (in DAYLIGHT!): I don't know why, don't know what went wrong. My GameData: Any and all help appreciated.
  3. Can't help but notice 1.7 replaced some Restock models with new stock ones. Is this intentional? Also, when should we expect the next update? Edit: Oops, this is what happens when you go straight to asking instead of looking for answers. Sorry for the already-answered question! The next update time question still stands, though.
  4. Laythe terrain is pitch black: This is full daylight too. My GameData folder: As far as I know, this issue is limited to Laythe (haven't been to many other places yet). No clue how to fix, Spectra is the only planet-altering mod I have and all the files are in place. (Except TR but it doesn't affect planets, right?)
  5. The spectra zip folder includes dependencies (kopernicus, TR, KSPRC) and I'd assume KSPRC wouldn't conflict with Spectra since that KSPRC folder came with the Spectra install. I'll still delete it, just to see if anything changes.
  6. I landed on Laythe to find the sand pitch black. This is full daylight, nothing is blocking the sun. If anyone has any idea as to why this is, help is appreciated. My GameData folder. As far as I know, this problem is caused either by Spectra or possibly by the fact TextureReplacer is missing (I like the stock skybox more, so I didn't install TR). Laythe looks absolutely fine from map view, as will be shown below. This is Laythe from far space, the terrain looks perfectly sand-colored, as it should be. This is how Laythe should look like according to the official Spectra album: Any help on the fix is appreciated.
  7. It was conflicting with SVT because i forgot to uninstall it
  8. This is what Laythe terrain looks like. As far as I know, this problem is limited to Laythe. This is my GameData folder: I have no idea how to fix this. It appears to be a glitched terrain file, but all of them are in place in the right folders. Spectra and KSPRC don't conflict, since KSPRC is part of Spectra. This is what the terrain should actually look like (taken from Spectra's official imgur album):
  9. I've only just reinstalled KSP after a long break. I was about to download Scatterer, but CKAN says it's made for version 1.5.1; meanwhile I've seen a lot of people use Scatterer with 1.6. I want to know a way to install this (and a couple other) mods manually. What folders do I stick them in? Where do I find all the dependencies?
  10. When I press Alt-f10 or Alt-f11 nothing happens. Is there a different way to open settings? (edit: i found the issue, for some reason EVE didn't require scatterer, so it didn't get installed)
  11. I proudly present, KSP 1.4!!!! (just kidding, i didn't actually make this)