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  1. The Unity Editor makes it quite straightforward to export to Mac or Linux with very little extra work. So I don't understand why they can't release on all three platforms on the same day. Otherwise, if they use Vulkan, then KSP may be able to run on Linux on Proton in Steam with native speed.
  2. Did you activate a strategy in the strategy building. Try a campaign without using that building.
  3. Mako, the thing is the Unity development platform is meant to be develop once, build for multiple platforms. So they are not really working on 9 different products, more like 1.5 to 2.0 products.
  4. I have been playing the same career for about 8 hours in and I do not see anything like whats happening to you. The progression of science, cash and reputation seem to be normal. Can you give exact steps to reproduce what you are seeing? That is the only way bugs will be fixed.
  5. That sounds like insight. Another thing I thought about is, the game engine Unity. Unity is one of most popular dev platforms. Even I have made mobile app using Unity platform. Unity developers are common skill you can find in the marketplace. Maybe what is happening is that T2 are putting together a team who are just generic Unity developers but not rocket science enthusiasts. This will become more and more noticeable over time I think if this is true. Anyways just more theories with no basis on known facts.
  6. ok so yall convinced me there maybe some qa issues going on here. I'm just theorizing here for a minute. Last year T2 bought KSP the product but not Squad the company. Was that cos Squad wanted to concentrate on its core business going forward? Squad's core business is not video games, but looks like it is exhibition services. So maybe they are not only doing the bare minimum of what T2 is asking them to do (I assume they have some sort of development/maintenance contract with T2 as part of the deal?). So may be the reason for lack of QA testing is that T2 didn't ask them to do it or are not paying them for it. Whats do you theorize on this bros?
  7. Sorry, the other game I play Dwarf Fortress has so many bugs, that KSP looks positively perfect to me
  8. I have been playing MH for about 6 hours starting a new career mode. I honestly seem to have a different experience to you guys. I haven't noticed anything that stood out to me like a glaring bug. Rockets seem to work, I can get into orbit ok. I see re-entry effects ok. I am on MacOS 10.12.6. What is going on??
  9. I respect everything you have said but I take exception to the above paragraph. Who the hell do you think you are to say how smart or dumb I am based on what I decide to do in my spare time. I decide what risks are worth taking in my life and what battles to fight. You just come across as self-obsessed and over-opinionated when you make comments like that.
  10. I have the same feeling. I have bought the DLC but I have yet to use the mission builder because I have not felt compelled to. To be honest, I would have been much happier if there was instead a simpler mission builder, but integrated into the career mode. I can give an example of how it might work. You could have an extra tab in the Mission Control Building where you could create new missions that are relevant to your current save, e.g. saving one of your stranded pilots, or help to map a moon. There could be boundaries on what you could create and what rewards to give out. The mission can then be uploaded to a server from where other players can search through for missions they want to take. There would be another tab in the Missions Control Building for viewing available missions. Something simple like this would give a kind of "pseudo-multiplayer" feel to the game if you see what I mean. I would be as happy as chips if this was what we got instead of the current mission builder tool.
  11. Been playing MH for about 3/4 hours. Started a new career mode game. I have not seen one thing yet which stuck out as a bug. The game also runs reasonably smoothly compared to what I remember of 1.2. Then again I am not actively looking for bugs but just playing the game. 1.4.1 looks stable and good for me.
  12. They should definitely expand that part of the game. Currently planes feel useless and just a small bit of fun on the side. In the game, most things you can do more efficiently and less cumbersome using rockets. Maybe what they need is to invent a new race of beings who live on Duna, as opposed to Kerbals. These Dunals or Dunations once discovered may be a bit hostile and send over their UFOs to Kerbin, which could be intercepted and fought with planes
  13. Wow I never knew that, I guess the next DLC isn't something we should be worrying about for a few years yet. I just had a thought, what if we Squad go on a new model where the base game is not developed any more and all development goes into the next DLC, the same kind of system that most games adhere to like the Civ games.
  14. I have not had a single crash since I have been playing MH. However, I started a new career mode and I only have about 3 or 4 non-graphical mods installed. Sorry forgot to mention I have got the Mac version.
  15. I used to have this problem on 1.4 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. But the 1.4.1 seems to have fixed this bug for me.
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