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  1. Actually, to correct my post above, to confirm that you have the early adopters copy of the game on Steam, log into Steam, click on your account name at the top right and select account details, then under Store and Purchase History select View Licences and product key activations and down the list it should say ‘Kerbal Space Program - Early Adopters’
  2. For those asking and have the game on Steam, if you purchased the game via the KSP store prior to the free DLC cut off date, you should find that your steam version of KSP is called 'Early Adopters Program' or something. I can't remember where it refers to it as this, I think in the properties window, last tab, but this should indicate you have a version that will automatically receive the DLC. It also should not matter when you activated the game on Steam, as long as it was via the linking process within the KSP store that was available at the time. I personally was getting worried until I found out about the above as I no longer have access to my original KSP store account (email address associated with account is no longer under my control).