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  1. Thanks a lot! It was intuitive and easy to use. Combined with alarms, I can save my SCANsats long enough to complete the scans. If only the game mechanics allowed KOS to work with unloaded vessels, making a maintenance script to work in the background every couple of orbits could be fun.
  2. I'm playing a game in the stock solar system to familiarize myself with Principia before (hopefully) starting a RP-1 game. After losing two SCANsat probes trying to map the Mun I'm searching for a way to know if a vessel is dropping below a certain altitude or the perigee is lower than a certain distance. How do you guys do it? Any mods that are able to give that kind of warning would make the game a lot less about babysitting my satellites and more about going new places. The Kerbalism mod have a setting for warning you about a vessel entering atmosphere, but I couldn't find anything about going too low. I guess most people don't have to worry about orbits not being stable, because they play without Principia. Any tips would be appreciated!
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm no expert on RP-1 or Principia, however, @NathanKell is currently playing with Principia and a dev version of RP-1. I haven't seen the entire playlist, but I think all missions are supposed to be doable with Principia installed. If you skip ahead in the playlist and videos, perhaps you can see how he did the missions where he needs to position a satellite. I hope it can help you. @SquirrelBomber I don't know anything about how to troubleshoot Principia, but the experts will most likely help you when they have time. I hope you figure it out soon!
  4. Thanks a lot for clearing that up for me. I've not yet decided if Easy or Normal is the best for my first play. Longer time to complete contracts will probably save me from going bankrupt because of my poor planning skills. I played RP-0 the most, but I tried RP-1 a little bit before my old computer started having problems with larger crafts. The low frame rate made it too much of a chore. My new computer should be able to handle it when it arrives. I saw the new series on @NathanKell 's Youtube Channel. The Launch Complexes dev. branch seems interesting, but I'll just use the quick install in CKAN to avoid spending too much time trouble shooting my poor install.
  5. Hi, I have a question about RP-1 and the difficulty settings. I'm planning to play RP-1 for the first time in many years and want a bit more wiggle room for failures and a bit less grind. I don't want to compromise on the realism of the physics, only the career aspect. Will selecting the easy difficulty break the game progression or is it fun and playable? Should I adjust any other settings in the difficulty meny? If you have any other recommendations, please let me know.
  6. @Athlonic I tried it again just now. I installed the mod from CKAN on a new install like last time. You were right, if I answer 'yes' to the check-for-updates-prompt it starts without any message. If I answer 'no', I get the same message I showed you.
  7. All I did was to install the mod using CKAN on a new install of KSP. Maybe this is a bug with CKAN? I'll try again later to confirm.
  8. Yes, but since it might be confusing and easy to fix I thought I should mention it.
  9. The newest version give a warning when starting KSP. KSP Version: Installed Modules: Chatterer 0.9.96 A MakingHistory-DLC 1.7.0
  10. If you do that on macOS, you will not get the option to merge. You only get the options 'stop' and 'replace'. If you choose 'replace', the entire GameData folder will be replaced entirely (deleting the Squad folder and any mods you have installed). I suggest to open the downloaded GameData folder and follow the Case 2 setup for Mac users.
  11. Great tutorial, I think it should be pinned to the mod releases forum. A small typo in the beginning: quiet → quite
  12. For everybody trying to install RP-1 for 1.6.1: @Bornholio made an install guide you might want to check out. It is still WIP, but I think it is worth a look. The Golden Spreadsheet Mk1.6 is also useful.
  13. @dakhr If you want to make sure you install the correct versions of the mods for a 1.6.1 RO install, the Golden Spreadsheet might help you.
  14. There are over 500 commits to master since the latest release and what looks like a 1.6.1 branch of RP-1 was created a while ago. Is there a Golden Spreadsheet for 1.6.1, or should we just play the release version from December last year? I know most of the action in the RO-community is on Discord and Github, but it would be nice to see some updates and news or discussions on the forum as well.
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