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  1. Today, I decide that it was time to replace my first Minmus base with something a little more...big. This, of course, required both moar struts and moar boosters. The craft actually flew pretty nicely, albeit slowly due to frame rate issues. Even the landing went relatively smoothly. And overall, far superior to the base it replaced...
  2. 1.5.1 definitely fixes the aero issues...and the secret OS X patch a couple days ago definitely fixed up performance. (Actually not sure what happened there, but CKAN told me I went from 1.5.0 to Looks great so far!
  3. I'll try to snag them from Time Machine in a little while; guess they got updated automatically. Whoops!
  4. Sure thing! They're all stock; I don't use parts mods. Here's my standard rocket: And my usual basic SSTO: It's pretty sluggish on the KSC screen as well. Takes a second or two between hovering the mouse over a building and seeing the highlight effect.
  5. Me too. The updated parts are pretty and all...but it's just not playable for me at the moment.
  6. Performance is significantly reduced using the same craft files on the same hardware (2018 MacBook Pro). Yesterday with 1.4.5, smooth as butter. Today with 1.5, it's like watching a slideshow. Annnnnd reverted.
  7. Decided to build a stock fighter just to have a little fun...ended up creating a supermaneuverable monster that'll get up to Mach 3. Then Val flew it around KSC and terrified everyone. Then she managed to take out the VAB...and survive.
  8. For 1.3, but I think it's still pretty close if not the same.
  9. Started a rebuild of Kerbin Station, including a much cooler docking setup for my station SSTO transport. Loving the new structural panels and the inflatable airlock; it works like a dream. You'll have to excuse the tugs Klawed to the side; haven't had time to get them a permanent setup yet.
  10. In sandbox, added the solar arrays to my half-completed station, using the recently-launched RCS tugs I installed on the last trip. No casualties to report...
  11. Discovered just how aerodynamically challenging the BFS actually is...very scientifically, of course. And then stuck the first landing with exactly zero liquid fuel remaining. This thing would be an absolutely terrifying ride...
  12. Oof. I need to re-read, it’s been decades. The BFS flew about as well as the whale did. Love the mini jets. Poor Jeb...
  13. The BFS aerodynamics are...challenging. At least with all stock parts. Getting to about 65m/s at 1000m, but then it starts to flip. May need more airbrakes.
  14. Built, flew, and successfully landed the BFR. The cargo variant, anyway...the looks of the passenger version have proven tricky to duplicate. I went with a 5m BFR and Mk3 BFS for simplicity's sake.