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  1. Have you tested this? @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION:HAS[~id[deployed*]] { @baseValue = #$scienceCap$ } Just from looking at it, it would seem to exclude all the normal science experiments.
  2. I guess I figured he just updated what versions of the game the mod was associated with.
  3. I have played a lot of KSP, I do not, however, know a lot. I'm assuming that's a 1.3.1 installation, If you have a save and crafts you dont want to go away, copy your entire Kerbal Space Program directory to another folder and generate a clean 1.3.1 install. Fire the game up once with no mods. Then install the barebones to get RO/RSS/RP-0 working. If real plume still isnt working at that point, I have nothing for you. However, if it is working, then you know it was a mod.
  4. Not sure by your comments if you sorted it, but KSP also does not like negative mass objects. Sometimes TweakScale works funny with specific parts.
  5. Glad it's working. Good on ya for figuring it out yourself.
  6. So you're using an old version of KSP if you installed via CKAN? Copy paste the configuration text in the downloaded file in a reply and it might be an old version of the file. If it is I can tell you how to fix.
  7. This works on current version 1.7.1 you have to have module manager, because it patches the base configuration at run time.
  8. I have also noticed this behavior. The procedural liquid cone also doesn't create an aerodynamic rocket like it should. Drag values on parts behind the liquid cone are much greater than using a stock nose cone.
  9. So to get symmetry to work correctly in the case of inversion, I solved it by inverting one Rotatron and then using the Infernal Robotics toolbar and playing with the group settings. Once you have one side inverted, the limits for both in the toolbar will show up the same then you set hotkeys in the same toolbar, not the action groups. If you try to set limits by right clicking the parts, you're destined to fail. Use the IR toolbar. Only right click to invert. So, the problem is how inversion works in the editor (not the toolbar) it inverts which direction makes it rotate, not the actual direction of rotation, if that makes sense. If it doesnt let me know and i'll try to explain better.
  10. Edit: I answered all my own questions.
  11. Thanks for this. Awesome. Relating to KJR-Next, it doesn't freeze the stock robotic parts like KJR - Continued does, but i'm pretty sure it doesn't reinforce them either. Any plans to make KJR-Next work with stock robotics? And again thank you.
  12. Appreciated. Poor Bob was accounting for over 50% of my vessels total drag. He might of poofed at about 20k :S Thank you sir
  13. Playing on 1.4.3 currently. Was able to get everything in the service bay to not create drag in atmosphere except the kerbal in the command seat. (command seat was also 0 drag) Has anyone successfully done this using a stock service bay? I also installed MRS and tried out its MK1 rocket payload bay, also to no avail, which makes me think its not a clipping issue and more of a "Dont put kerbals in the cargo bay" issue.
  14. Ahh, that makes sense, there's no subnodes in EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION. So having brackets points to something that doesn't exist. Thanks
  15. Appreciate the reply and yeah, being able to have volumetric clouds render at that distance would be very nice. Edit: at that distance, meaning from orbit, not 3km