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  1. For me I tried career when I first brought the game and after an hour or so I gave up as I had no idea what I was doing. I could hardly get into orbit let a lone complete contracts. I tried sandbox but I was overwhelmed with the amount of parts. So I switched to science which was a great way to learn the game. Played that for the last 6 months but recently I’ve jumped into career again and am really enjoying it now I know what I’m doing (well mostly. Furthest I’ve got was orbiting Duna but never landing on her). So science for learning. Sandbox for experiments and career for once you know what your doing.
  2. Honestly after about 6 weeks playing non stop I started to get a bit jaded. Especially after finally managing to bring my Duna orbitor crew back. So yesterday I just thought I’d kerbalise stuff. Made a heavy launcher with 5 mammoth engines. It has zero aero dynamics but I thought what the hell. Turned out it worked pretty well with asparagus staging and so I thought I’d launch a science lander to the Mun as I still need to unlock some stuff. So i designed a two stage mission. Two launches on my experimental heavy lifter. The first would be the science processing vehicle which I got into a nice circuler orbit around the Mun. The second launch of my heavy lifter had the landing module attached. The idea being it lands. Gets the science then takes off again. Rendezvous with the science processing module to exchange the data and then returns home..... it didn’t even get to Mun orbit...I totally misjudged the amount of fuel I needed. So I launched a third heavy lifter with a lander that had more fuel aboard. Amazingly I managed to land it about 1km from my stranded lander so my kerbals didn’t have far to go. Using RCS to travel across the Mun was surprisingly fun! And thankfully I remembered to take all my science data with me. Once I’d managed to get into orbit around the Mun with my rescued kerbals and science data I then had to return to the original plan and rendezvous/dock with my science module. I’ll admit I used Mechjeb for the rendezvous. I still suck at that. But docking was all manual. It was such an amazing moment when the two modules finally connected. After a quick exchange of staff between the science module and lander module I then thought about how much fuel I had to return the lander. I probably had enough but my science module has a liquid engine surrounded by 4 nuclear engines so I knew I could afford to lose some of the fuel from my centre engine. Fully refuelled by lander returned to kerban. This completely re energised me and now I’m thinking of a minining rognon the Mun, science and refuelling station in orbit. I’ve already sent another lander to Minmus which will shortly be trying to rendezvous with the Mun and my science module to pass on the extra data.
  3. Today I finally launched a rescue mission to save my two kerbals that got stranded in space during my first few days with the game a few weeks back. They were in an orbit about 190k km above the planet with zero fuel. I’d previously attempted to get out and push but realised this would take absolutely forever. I then tried to send up an un manned probe to do the pushing but I suck at rendezvous and so, even if I’d managed to get my pusher probe into the right position, I failed at the first step! So I’ll admit i installed MechJeb to help me with the rendezvous. I also watched a Scott Manley episode where he used the claw to grab some space debris. I redisantes my rescue probe to have a claw at the front and used MechJeb to get me to within 40 metres of my stranded kerbals. Then using RCS I slowly pushed my probe towards the craft and after many long minutes they were joined! I was so happy I had to WhatsApp my work colleagues to tell them . Unfortunately I had only given my rescue probe a small fuel tank and so after burning till all my fuel ran out then detaching the claw, my insertion of my lost kerbals was at a very shallow angle which meant they exploded on reentry. On my second attempt at reentry I managed to keep my craft at an angle that meant they didn’t explode, but it didn’t slow down quick enough to be able to launch the parashoots and so crashed into Kerban. I tried this a few more times before remembering the airbreak trick some space planes use in videos, spinning around to slow down quicker. I was close to sending up a second rescue probe with more fuel but thought I’ll give it one last go but this time I’ll keep the rescue probe attached during reentry. Amazingly this did the trick slowing me enough so that my parashoots didn’t explode. Got down to about 500m/s, detached the rescue probe and enabled my parashoots. After 1 year and 161 days my two lost kerbals we’re finally returned!
  4. Thanks for the tips sevenperforce I actually tried the launch two ships just before you posted your reply and managed to dock and un dock a few times. So it’s definitely the approach I need to practise. Hopefully I’ll get there soon as I’m starting to unlock things that will help with a space station.
  5. I’m struggling with the entire docking process. I can’t seem to get my rocket within 1km of the target. It’s got to the stage where I gave up trying! I sort of tried again this morning. I have two kerbals stuck in a circular orbit with no fuel left so I know I’m going to have to rescue them eventually (though there’s no docking port which makes it harder!). So I took my current launcher into space which carries a lander on it. This time I couldn’t even get within 12km. It’s really frustrating and I’ve watched a lot of tutuorial videos. Are there any mods that make it easier? I don’t want to cheat but just something to help. I know I’m going to have to learn to dock to make interplanetary missions.
  6. I unlocked a few rocko parts. Enough to change my entire rocket so I could launch larger payloads into space. In testing I could orbit Kerbal with a large amount of fuel left. So I attached a lander on top of it with minimal fuel. Ended up stranding two Kerbals in space in a circular orbit as I accidentally pressed space too many times on my lander module and disconnected the engine! It doesn’t have any docking ports so no idea how I’m going to rescue them! So I launched my heavy launcher with lander attached into space again. Took it all the way to Mun orbit before disconnecting. The launcher returned to Kerbal while the lander circled. It was only then that I remembered I hadn’t put legs on my lander . So the lander returned to Kerbal. Then I discovered the landing legs I had weren’t long enough and I didn’t have enough science to unlock the next set. Next step is to adjust the science capabilities of my lander and send it to the second moon to gather science so I can unlock more stuff.
  7. I finally after slowly upgrading my original rocket design with unlocks from the tree, onto my fourth real rocket design, I finally managed to tweak it enough to achieve my first Mun landing! Only to find I didn’t have enough fuel to get me home . So again I tweaked the lander and after crashing once into the Mun I finally managed to return the craft. Now got to decide what to spend the science on!
  8. It’s a shame as it’s an amazing game. I’d admit I was put off by the graphics of the trailer for the enhanced edition at first (and that I knew nothing of the game). Then last week I bought it as a random purchase and become utterly addicted. To the stage I’ve now also bought it for my Mac while abroad on holiday! £80 spent in a week. That’d be my review!
  9. I’m just getting into the Mac version of this game, after buying the PS4 version a week ago and becoming insanely addicted, then going on holiday abroad and taking the chance on an old 1.0 demo to see if my Mac could cope with it then buying the full game for it. But the whole trial and error thing is part of the fun for me. On the PS4 version I’d only just managed to go into mun orbit a few times and return. With 1.4 on the Mac I e been slowly experimenting with my rockets and stages to where I’m close to a mun landing. That exploring of what my craft will do has been amazing fun. To the stage I said good night to my friends last night at 10.30pm and was still experimenting at 1am! For experiences players I get how having dv visable would be a great advantage especially when trying to go to other planets but to begin with trial and error make for great gameplay. And yeah I’ve thrown £80 at this game the last week!
  10. To anyone on the fence i’d say this is an amazing game! I knew absolutely nothing about ksp and I remember watching the trailer for it on the PSN store when the enhanced edition was released. The trailer didn’t impress me so I skipped right over it. Until Monday when I was desperate for something new to play. This time I watched the trailer in full and thought it might be pretty cool to design your own craft and see if they’ll get into space, so I took a chance and bought it. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! 4 days later of pretty much playing from waking till sleep (helps that I’m on holiday!) and I can honestly say this game is amazing! It’s been tough trying to learn the basics but that feeling of getting into Mun orbit for the first time was amazing. Though accidentally over cooking my burn out of Mun orbit, meaning that I had to over correct which left me going too fast back into Kerbal atmosphere with no fuel to slow down had me almost crying when my ship exploded. Ive made a few more successful trips back to Mun orbit but still not managed to land on it yet. There is no other game like this on the PS4 so if you like the idea of creating something and seeing how it performs as well as big challenges then this is well worth the money. So far I’ve only experienced a few glitches and nothing game breaking and if I can only just orbit the Mun I’m not worried about dlc!