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  1. Still green KSP noob here ... I had KSP auto updates enabled in Steam, so I'm now on 1.4. I had previously installed Kerbal Engineer, and now that complains about the version at startup, but still works once in the game. I installed DPAI after the 1.4 upgrade, and it too complains at startup, but ... doesn't show up anywhere once in the game. Do I need another mod to get a button on screen? I only have KER and DPAI at the moment. Will I have to revert to 1.3.1? (not that I would know how to do that ...) I did look for Izzy's or Lizzy's or whatever the toolbar mod is called, and despite the first message in that thread saying "my link's not broken, it really does work" ... the link IS broken, and really doesn't work. So do I need something else? Thanks!