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  1. Thats it! Thank you! I had a survey scanner on top of my ship and repositioned it to the side docking port after i got to the minmus orbit.
  2. Hello, I have launched my fourth vessel to Minmus getting there successful and doing everything i wanted. Now because i wanted to dock with a space station i put up there earlier, i corrected my orbit into a polar orbit. I did so and now i'm trying to get back to Kerbin. I got loads of fuel left but there is one problem i have: My controls got really strange so that i turn to and away from minmsu with q and e whcih are normally there to just turn the vessel. By that any maneuver nodes are impossible, because i don't know in what direction to turn the vessel for it to work. Also when thrus
  3. Okay and these mods are compatible with an ongoing game just like that? Never used mods before.
  4. Hello, I just launched a rocket into space trying to dock to my small space station. Now i managed to get there and also pretty much dock but i realised, that i put my RCS thrusters (Place Anywhere RCS Port) onto my Docking port on my Rocket which doesn't allow me to dock. I've tried it multiple times but it always got stuck with the magnetic force active but the vessels not connencting. Is there any way to solve this or do i have to do this mission all over again? Thank you in Advance
  5. Hello fellow KSP Players, I am relatively new to this game. I've play about 40 hours and just completed the rendezvous contract/mission. The last thing i got before the docking contract was the Mun landing contract. Now after completing that contract i got a new one saying to do the same thing on Mun. But when am i going to get the Minmus mission? In all tutorial series on youtube they've all gotten the Minmus Mission right after the Mun mission but i'm just not getting it. Is there any reason for that? Thanks in Advance!
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