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  1. Right now I don’t know as you haven’t told me what you wanted to do. If you could PM me your ideas I could choose some.
  2. If your just making parts, you do not need to learn coding. Parts are only a mesh, texture and configuration. The configurations are very easy to configure, with things such as 'name = x' or 'cost = 9999'. Then, there are modules which allow you to give the part a special feature such as fuel or thrust. I reckon you will be able to do a good job on them.
  3. Keep the scatterer configs. Supposedly when you go inside the sun or something, a wormhole will appear. It’s not in the example configs though.
  4. I'm not Phineas Freak but I believe the reason why your gas giants don't have clouds is because they do not have any PQS. I'm not sure why, but once you add a PQS configuration to Jool, the clouds will work.
  5. I believe you could use ModuleManager to do this (cloning stock parts and changing texture + stats) meaning you don’t have to redistribute squad files.
  6. If you actually provided more info, maybe provide a proper bug report and even just be a little bit nicer then maybe the dev could help. Also why the caps? Pretty unnecessary.
  7. Are you asking about parts for a smooth KSP run? RAM is very important, then CPU. KSP barely touches your GPU.
  8. As far as I know, TRR and DIRT use the 'GalaxyTex' format. Sigma replacements uses a different format. What I recommend is just including installation instructions for each mod and including the 6 textures. Also, with TRR, the skyboxes go in the Default, not EnvMap
  9. Most of the people who say that don't even bother reading the last few pages. Instead, on page 1, they scroll down to the reply box and complain without reading anything else.
  10. Are you a mod dev or just advertising it? I don’t see why I have to contact that guy when you wrote the OP.
  11. You didn’t have to change the texture yourself. You can open up the cloud config or EVE menu and manually change the transparency. Do you have all the dependencies? Are you running KSP_64? Your machine is capable of running 8k textures. There’s definitely something wrong on your end.
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