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  1. I have set up beamed power network. 6 satelites in 800 km orbit around Kerbin spaced by 60 degrees each, I set up 2 transmiters to test the network, one using 700nm in 100 km orbit, the other using 11um on the ground. As long as I have direct connection or network depth 1 everything works fine but when I'm in place that forces network to use 2 relay satellites (opposite side of planet), I get no power at all. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Other problem I have with beamed power is wrong spotsize and network efficency calculation. Here I'm traveling from Kerbin to Eve, notice how spotsize, avalible power and network effciency change depending on how it's relayed. Relayed directly from trnasmiter, 1km spotsize, 510 MW Reflected by my Mun network, 4 m spotsize, 810 MW Relayed by Kerbin network 282 mm spotsize, 277 MW As you can see the numbers are all over the place. Can I fix this somehow?