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  1. Jacob knows this for longer than anyone on the Kopernicus server
  2. I officially annouce the Golder Restoration Day update! Thanks to discord user democat, i was finally able to make it work (sorry for 1,437 broken hearts)... 8.5 MB file size is basically nothing!
  3. I will do it IF: 1. I get JG's permission to do it 2. I can pull off a GPP (Galileo's Planet Pack) and make a "Axel_Secondary" version of it 3. I had fully learned system replacing
  4. Don't forget, the thread hosting the new RSSExpanded is @"Our Benefactors"'s.
  5. Its planned for the future, but it might take a while since: 1. Only the gas giants have atmospheres (i may add fog to Bitaji) 2. I never used EVE before
  6. Golder does have a IC config, but I still have to release that! EDIT: Now I had released the config.
  7. Welcome to the Golder System, a extremely distant extrasolar system. This planet pack adds 4 ringed planets, and 4 interesting moons. Introducing the system's bodies (minor spoilers): Download Required mods: Kopernicus (most recent version) ModuleManager and ModularFlightIntegrator Recommended mods: BetterTimeWarp - Being a very distant solar system, without this mod, a mission to Golder may take forever! Any warp drive mod - to speed up the journey Enjoy the planet pack! (Future plans coming soon) I'm also open for planet/moon suggestions, so feel free to suggest planets to me!
  8. I do - i'm Gurren Lagann#9136 - you can also find me in the Kopernicus Discord server.
  9. Guys, lets just use EVE, AVP, or SVE, because they do exactly what this suggestion does: add clouds!
  10. The lowest point in Kerbin is -1393 meters, so yes, its just your imagination. Unless its Laythe.
  11. Congrats on the release, Gameslinx! Now lets wait a few hours until Kottabos reviews it!
  12. Some song got stuck in my head for 6 MONTHS and I just found its name:
  13. ... that's a Duna-sized moon of a distant planet. The building is a needle...
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