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  1. Ah darn, thanks man for the response though, I'll look into solutions to fix my problem in the meantime!
  2. I'm not able to find a version IR that works with the Centrifuge, does anyone know a version of IR that works with this and with 1.6.1?
  3. for the time being, could you PM me that recompile please?
  4. I think your Kerbs are sadly doomed, don't you have a save before the encounter?
  5. Feline rovers is borked too, its not affecting me currently since I don't have a rover out rn though
  6. the 1.6.1 update seems to not recognize Stockalike Station Parts Redux mod parts as habitats (can't find the option to turn on their habitation ability), this might be something I did that screwed up the install but if anyone else has had this issue let me know please
  7. I got u fam, go to the KSC, click on the lifesupport icon and it'll display the config, you can change all the settings like what happens when you run out of snacks and stuff to your hearts content I don't know if it'll affect your kerbals immediately but it should prevent it from happening again
  8. I'll try again later, but thank you for the response!
  9. I don't know if this is confirmed to work for 1.6.1 but when I go to open the config menu in the KSC it only shows a blank window, and in the VAB it doesn't even show up the menu. Just wanted to know if this was already a common bug before or if it just isn't compatible with 1.6.1
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