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  1. Installed all dependencies. Mod shows up in the toolbar, but it doesn't seem to work. I can change the settings from it, but my game still sticks to the regular values (x4 in atmo and such)
  2. love this techtree. But somehow hate it's overall layout in the R&D.. is there a way to re-arange them for a better overview?
  3. Thanks ill go for a constellation around it, as it is multi use than
  4. Still running this on the beloved 1.8.1.. Curious IF there is even a geostat possible around rhode, or is that in the orbit of Lua?
  5. tested it for a while on a new save. and i like the setup! this is a keeper for me. thnx
  6. hehe. good point. No worries.. Will give this a go on Beyond Home. So far looking good.
  7. will check this out on my new save! Edit ; As kerbin ground science is set to 0. Does science gathering away from KSC with, lets say, rovers, still work?
  8. Awesome! Thank you for planting that flag on Phybi and Izmi!
  9. So i know the dev's are doing a great job on converting this to 1.9 But is there any way we can get a status update on that ? If not. i understand
  10. doesn't work properly in 1.9 indeed. Yes it gives orbital references as AP and PE and such. But the function of dV readouts and manouvrenode readouts doesn't seem to work on my end. Also my KER UI positions reset every time i boot the game. Edit : was using the version....
  11. Ref Extra-Consumptor -> CommNet Antennas Info [WRN 19:55:48.498] [ModuleManager] 2 warnings related to GameData/Extras-Consumptor/CommNetAntennasInfo/Configs/ModuleGeneratorAntenna.cfg @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitte*]:HAS[#antennaType[RELAY]]]:LAST[CommNetAntennasInfo] { tempVar = #$MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitte*]/antennaPower$ @tempVar *= 0.00000000001 MODULE { name = ModuleGeneratorAntenna isAlwaysActive = false INPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = #$../../tempVar$ } } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitte*]:HAS[#antennaType[DIRECT]]]:LAST[CommNetAntennasInfo] { tempVar = #$MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitte*]/antennaPower$ @tempVar *= 0.00000000001 @tempVar *= 0.4 MODULE { name = ModuleGeneratorAntenna isAlwaysActive = false INPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = #$../../tempVar$ } } } // INTERNAL Antennas Consumption is disabled, because 0.8 EC/year doesn't make a difference. //@PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitte*]:HAS[#antennaType[INTERNAL]]]:LAST[CommNetAntennasInfo] //{ // tempVar = #$MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitte*]/antennaPower$ // @tempVar *= 0.00000000001 // // MODULE // { // name = ModuleGeneratorAntenna // isAlwaysActive = false // INPUT_RESOURCE // { // name = ElectricCharge // rate = #$../../tempVar$ // } // } //}
  12. love the new NF eXploration... allthough antenna path rendering does NOT work when RemoteTech is enabled..
  13. Current version comfirmed to work with 1.8.1. Will update this version later this week, and might even start working on an new addition to the pack!
  14. Currently mod is not working properly with Near Future Solar and Near Future Electrical. As for NFS : Solar panels remain "occluded by vessel" whilst tracking the sun. Therefor not generating any EC. As for NFE : Reactors don't seem to generate any EC, and NFE's Reactor Control Panels ain't showing. Removing Kerbalism from gamedata sorts this issue, but really want to keep using Kerbalism as i like the new game mechanics. Noticed that dev's are working on it, but if anyone has any hotfixes, would be glad to hear.
  15. ah thats excrements to hear mate.. whenever you get it, feel free
  16. whoooaaaa. late response, but go ahead!.. curious on the outcome!
  17. i like your idea, but i think i don't have that much knowledge of ksp-modding at this moment to make it happen. But i'm willing to learn if some can show me the way hehe. Than the other thing, find the time to do so hehe. Oh, and i finaly did that biome fix for Iszmi... and adjusted the gravity for both planets while doing so. Version 1.1 is available now!
  18. If you wish to use it as a base, but don't run away with the credits of them im ok with it . Got plans to extend the pack in the future when i find some time myself. Yes Sir! Cool thanks for letting me know, and yes, basically the mod should work with every pack that indeed, does not alter kerbin and its moons
  19. yea but that way they only really work when you have, lets say, a beam with wheels on both ends and the servo in the middle. But than it's more of a rotational spring than a actual dampin spring. I might understand it wrong otherwise, and if so, can you show a screenshot of what yo mean
  20. Love this new DLC. The Robotic parts are awesome, but since we now have these cool parts, i believe there need to be an new "autostrut" system. We need to be able to have the option to choose the part where you want to autostrut to. At this very moment, we are unable to force multiple hydraulics onto one single piece to be autostrutted. Resulting in an glitching system with them moving. What do you guys think!?
  21. So how does one make good rover suspension using Hydraulics.. Having issues with the hydraulics not being "strutted" to the parts attached to it.. and Autostrut breaks the dampers.
  22. i've seen some guys make awesome rovers with robotic parts. Using hinges and hydraulics as suspension.. i cant get them to work my self though... ;'( If anyone has any tips. enlighten me!
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