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  1. The newest update -is- up on CKAN (v.3.4.0), but it's listed as not being compatible with 1.4.3, so I guess you forgot to update a definition somewhere?
  2. Hello! I'm interested in giving this a try. Do you have to start a new career, or are you able to slot it into an existing save file without horribly breaking everything?
  3. So I've been doing all sorts of exploration and probing and found something. That is so cool. I'm launching a probe to investigate now.
  4. Yo! Sorry for the slow reply, have been busy with work. I solved the issue, it turned out to be Scatterer. Deleted and redownloaded manually rather than through CKAN, and no more errors!
  5. Hi Gameslinx! I made an account on the forums just to comment on how fantastic this planet pack is, I'm super impressed by how incredible it is. I've only explored the Gaia system thus far, though I do have a probe on its way out to Olu'um! It's absolutely astonishing that you've done so much stuff to the game. I do have one problem with the pack, though. My log is throwing up errors that Scatterer can't find the sunflare for Olu'um or the Sun, and it seems to be crashing the game on me. I had a look in the GPO folder and I see a scatterer config folder, but it only has a folder for Ursa Minor (with Ursa_G and Ursa_L subfolders). Am I missing a file or two off of CKAN or what? I copy-pasted the relevant section into a spoiler above, but I can find a way to get you full logs if you want. Or just direct me to the folder that the sunflares are -supposed- to be in, so I can check it's all intact!