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  1. I'm hoping there will be additional updates to the Making History DLC over time. I'd really like to see a new category of missions from the mission builder that are designed to be runnable in career mode, somewhere in between the complexity of existing career contracts and full stand-alone missions.
  2. Now that SmokeScreen has been updated, I tested the existing version of RealPlume with 1.4 and it seems to work fine.
  3. OK so I discovered that it only happens if I have anti-aliasing set to Disabled when I load the game. In the alt-f12 console I also get the message "Error: Invalid antiAliasing value (must be at least 1)" If I hit Esc while in-game and turn Anti-aliasing to 2x, 4x or 8x, the problem is resolved. If I then turn it back to Off in-game, scatterer still appears fine (even though I notice the edges of the ship no longer has anti-aliasing, i.e. it actually turns off the AA). However if I go back to the main menu and reload the game, scatterer is broken again. Hope this helps. EDIT: I also experience the issue explained by Draradech above. If I switch to a vessel far enough from Kerbin everything is black.