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  1. I'm not sure my kitchen table will be able to handle it though
  2. @Theysen Jesus and A LOT of censured words that is CRAZY!!!! It fixed everything!!!!! It loads under a second now!!! You sir, is The Forum Bro of the year !!
  3. Haha! I never thought anyone would either xD I just read the "How to ask for help" and saw that one should include - How to recreate Thanks for the tip, gonna try it right away
  4. Hi everyone! So I have a slight issue with slow framerate. I have a couple of mods and I only have the issue in Career mode, not in sandbox mode. Every time I switch scene, either VAB, space center, tracking station, or launchpad it takes about 10-12 seconds for the scene to load. This is ok, I can live with that. However every single time when I go to launchpad, nomather from where I go before, if it's from VAB or tracking station or simply a "revert flight to launch" it takes about 30 seconds for the FPS to stabilize. It sits around 17 fps and after these 30 seconds it kicks up to
  5. Hello @nightingale ! So I have been pulling my hair all day install and re installing mods and double checking folders and cfg files, but I can't find anything wrong. The problem is that I don't get the contracts to show at all. I've read the pages in this thread from early 2016 and to last post and it seems like a bug that has been coming back many times. From what I understand the main problem is when RemoteTech releases a new version and changes some parameters. I tried my heavily modded install back an forth but no success. I also tried with a vanilla install, ckan downloaded re
  6. Alright here's the last update, I found out what was causing the 25 seconds to stability on launchpad. I installed SETI meta mod pack and accidentally forgot to uncheck the remotetechconfig. That config more or less destroys the whole purpose of RemoteTech so ofcourse I don't want that. After deleting that mod I still have 10 seconds loading to launchpad as usual, same as for VAB or SpaceCenter, however only 2 seconds to stable fps now. Totally insane. This though goes for a new save. Unfortunately the config is still in my old save and I don't know how to get rid of it. Is it possible to
  7. Hi everyone! So I have a pretty big mod list, will link it below. Yes it takes long time to first load up the game, it's okay for me cause then I have time to do the dishes However, I have a strange problem going on. When I load my newly created save, I get to the space center screen, and it takes about 10 seconds for my FPS to stabilize. I have capped it to 60 cause I read somewhere that this was good for garbage handeling, if I don't cap I usually have around 120 fps. VAB works fine, it takes around 10 seconds to load and another 5 seconds to stabilize the fps but no worries
  8. Huge thanks for announcing the update! Really appriciated!
  9. okay, but which of the files am I supposed to download and replace? I downloaded the zip folder from github and I still get a popup that I can download a new version. Is it the version file that is 583 bytes size that Im supposed to download? thanks
  10. no no ! It's just like in the picture, sorry for not making sense I was just wondering if the idea was for it to actually be purple like in vanilla but for it to have the same kind of "plume" like in the pic are there engines with different colors to their plume or will all be the same color now?
  11. By the way @Nhawks17 , while we are talking about the look of the flame, while reinstalling all mods today on a clean copy I noticed that the swivel engine usually is purple. Is it supposed to be purple with your mod installed too or is it supposed to look like it does in my picture?
  12. well the contract if I have understood it correctly will check all the pre reqs first to see if you've done them to give you the correct info about what you have left to do in order to complete the contract. If the contract would say "no you have not done a comsat network around kerbin yet" that would be kind of strange if you actually already did So before you have accepted the contract you get to see what you have left to do in order to complete it. In this case it's basically nothing left to do except for a commsat network around minmus and no you should not have to do the network
  13. I'm sorry if I missunderstood anything here but the way you write, it sounds like you only have 1 sat over at minmus? I think you need at least 3 to cover a planet/moon
  14. yup booting the game atm, takes some time, I need to see what my fps and stutter is atm I'll test it in a sec Looks like you did it
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