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  1. I really dont like eyeballing, thats pretty much the reason why i use your mod: To get precise numerical information. Especially for spaceplanes with docking capabilities i aim for an offset of 0.00. Are there any technical reasons why you cant provide the offset readout any longer? Therefore my suggestion of adding seperate readouts for evey axis to improve it.
  2. Maybe separate readouts for every axis, for i.e. a jet that takes off vertically, but flies horizontally. It could also be made a togglable option to not clutter the UI.
  3. Can we please have the offset back? It hurts no one beeing there and i allways used it to build planes or VTOLs, where the CoM stays in the same place regardless of fuel level.
  4. I seem to not be able to reproduce the same dV to orbit numbers as you with the given ascend profile. How is your staging set up? I noticed mechjeb displyway too low dV numbers when you set all engines to fire at once and then drop some of the boosters in flight, like in your asparagus setup. Also what are the mechjeb ascend stats reporting?
  5. we should stop at 502 pages to honor the forum god
  6. It seems the fuel lines in the second asteroid mission are broken too. You have two options to work around the problem: 1. Manually transfer fuel from the big tank to the small tanks (alt+right click on the big tank and all the small tanks, then press the out buttons on the big tank) 2. disable fuel flow on the small tanks, this enables fuel crossfeed over the radial attachment(select the smalk tanks with right click, then click on the green arrows so they turn into red circles[make sure to disable both fuel and oxidiser on all of the small tanks]) I hope that can help you to finish the mission und continue enjoying ksp.
  7. from the vernor engine cfg: MODULE { name = ModuleRCS thrusterTransformName = RCSthruster thrusterPower = 12 resourceName = LiquidFuel resourceFlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW PROPELLANT { name = LiquidFuel ratio = 0.9 DrawGauge = True resourceFlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } PROPELLANT { name = Oxidizer ratio = 1.1 resourceFlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 260 key = 1 140 } } As you can see there are two PROPELLANT nodes that are missing in your config. Maybe that is the problem.
  8. you can try using tosh's gravity canceler : just put weels on the carrier, speed up and a moment before you leave the runway cancel gravity and glide peacefully to the ocean ^^ oh and dont use the engines in the air, because of the assymetrical design the thrust is not centered and it will start spinning pretty fast hope that will help a bit untill i implement some special wheels or a relocate plugin
  9. I allready set the connection strengh to insane values, so they should never break. Part wobblines is a total different thing, it seems to increase with nodes far from the part center (which is the case with parts as big as ship components) and i haven't found a solution with just cfg edits. So the only thing you can do atm: MOAR STRUTS!!! I will look into a plugin solution, but i fear the problem could simple be the way the game handels part connections.
  10. Even now it is really hard to build a big enough mobile runway so i didnt want to waste any on-deck space. But maybe i will do kind of a double deck arrangement with a second deck under the flight deck. For the catapult thing i have to look into plugin programming (i have some programming experience, so i will give it a try), until then you can use srbs, there are some very small and quite powerfull in a missile pack i saw somewhere on the forum.
  11. After entering and completing the carrier landing challenge withe serious lag problems, caused by the enourmus amount of parts, i decided to make my own carrier parts. Pics: 0.2: http://www./?hhue6cbv0d73352 changelog: 0.2 + added rear cap with integrated engine * changed main float part type to fuel tank * enabled fuel crosfeed on most parts * several cfg tweaks 0.1 Initial release Known issues: >parts not surface attachable (had some major problems while trying to enable this) >parts sometimes very wobblie (workaround at the moment: Struts!) I would be happy about some feedback and if someone wants to make some textures contact me.
  12. here is my entry on the runway: endscreen:
  13. i did it: i used parachutes to stop the plane and also tryed to take off again but that didn't went well...