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  1. Just now found this thread! This is awesome! Iv'e been messing around with modding here and there for about a year now. And now that I'm stuck in the house for who knows how long, this is all i been doing. So far Iv'e made a fuel tank, nosecone, cargo bay, stack adapter and a wing. Nothing to brag about but I got them into the game and they worked so I was happy! I also made a command pod and am also struggling to get the lights to work. Iv'e been trying for 2 days strait, literally! I can not do it! I've tried everything and now I'm starting to wonder if my unity install is messed up or my part tools is wrong. I'm using unity 2019.2.2 and the latest Part Tools.
  2. Yes this is exactly what was happening to me in the editor. I took a screen shot but I couldn't figure out how to post it. And I noticed that the robotics are very weak. I tried making some landing legs similar to Space X and they wouldn't hold the weight of the ship. Hopefully this will get fixed.
  3. I couldn't figure out how to post the screenshot. But anyway I deleted all my mods and tried again and it seemed to be ok but man these robotics are weak! Infernal robotics are much stronger! Very disappointed! I hope this gets fixed. I was sooo looking forward to this DLC too!
  4. I'm having issues with the robotic parts separating in the editor after I been playing around with the keyframes for a bit. Not sure what is causing it. I had similar problems in the past with Infernal Robotics.
  5. I don't. I was just curious as to how to download older versions. But that is good to know. Thanks
  6. Thank you! This has been driving me nuts! I really do appreciate it! Not that I need to now but is there another way to get the 1.6.0 version?
  7. I'm trying to update my KSP version to 1.6 but it's not showing up in my BETAS on Steam. It only goes up to 1.5.1. Am I missing something here? Please help! Thanks!
  8. For some reason I cannot assign kerbals to a vessel. If I click on them it doesn't do anything. It'll show them when I build a ship but once I launch it they're not there, and the ship won't launch. Also if I go into the AC it won't let me recruit any new Kerbals. The only way I can launch a ship is if I add a probe core. Not sure what to do. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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