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  1. Wonderful mod, Have been playing around with it a bit. A huge problem in my opinion though is that there isn't anything allowing communication between ksc and the rocket. This is fine on the capsule as it is crewed. However on the first stage it makes it extremely difficult to land, Reaction Wheels don't work. Engine can only be at 100% or 0%, ect... So my only recommendation is to add a built in transmitter. Other then that. Amazing mod.
  2. Hello, I am just wondering if there any way for me to switch to the burnt textures during flight?
  3. Wow, That looks amazing! I'm so excited for the finished product!
  4. I'm having trouble downloading the mod. I always get an error when I click download on spacedock. I've done it correctly before.
  5. How do I connect the tower to the rocket? The engines don't have connection points so I can't attach it to them.