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  1. Thanks a lot. When you want to construct a rocket to get to a certain altitude you need to put fuel tanks and whatnot. How do you do you know what speed you will reach, and how far you will get? Aren't their anything in the game (Xbox) to tell you these information? I use the Dv formula = isp*g*ln(Mfull/ Mempty) but the figure I get is always less than the actual one. I do it from 0 altitude on Kerbin and not in vacuum.
  2. Hello guys, I've been trying to calculate my Delta-v and I was able to find formulas on how its done. I tried myself but didn't really work!! I tried launching a basic rocket ( I don't change my heading) and as per the formula I should be able to get to 480 m/s but I don't, I always get 360 m/s.I believe that this due to drag of the atmosphere, I doubt wind is taken in consideration. Can someone tell me if there is a certain angle I should follow or maybe another formula to know how much drag is affecting me and if so, where to find drag coefficient and the related detail in the menu. Please note that I use Xbox to play KSP. Thanks a lot Bader