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  1. I've been having issues with the SM-18 service module and can't seem to find anyone else having the same bug. Here is what is happening. I am attaching the part under a command capsule and when you right click it, you are given the option to remove the shroud. I remove the shroud so I can fill the inside with batteries, science experiments, etc. Here's where things get weird. I launch my rocket, and get in to orbit of Kerbin. I remove the fairing that is protecting the upper stage that has the SM-18 service module, and the shroud is still gone from the service module from when I built it. No problem, I'm in space, who cares right? The issue is, there are no options to interact with any of the science experiments inside of the service module. I can't restore any experiments or take results, etc. The odd thing is, I can still trigger experiments using hotkeys that I bound prelaunch, but again can't reset experiments without a hotkey. Anyone else experiencing this? To be clear, I also have a couple of mods installed. Basic ones for TWR and delta V. I don't have any non-stock parts on the rocket, anywhere. Seriously confused, I can't be the only one having this problem. Edit: More tom-foolery! I returned to the KSC, leaving the bugged craft in space and reloaded it. Now the shroud on the service module is closed! Even stranger, there is nowhere in my staging to pop the shroud. I can't right click the part either to manually deploy it. The rocket is meant to go to Duna and pretty much broke the bank. I'm screwed funds wise if I have to abort. Tolero
  2. No one on Steam that is an early adopter has received it yet CaptainKorhonen. Not sure why.
  3. Click your account name in the top right corner, select "account details' select purchase history, scroll down to KSP and select it. Shows when you purchased it and for how much. Tolero
  4. It doesn't appear to be activating on Steam for early adopters. There are a ton of threads on the Steam forums about it. Still waiting to figure out what is going on.
  5. I purchased through Steam in March 2013. There are numerous people posting on the Steam forums about how nothing is activated. We are being given the option to purchase the DLC, though it should be free. Anything from Squad as far as what is going on? Tolero