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  1. To be honest with you, I aint even seen most of the internet and have no wish to do so. I have choose to have strict controls on with my ISP so it blocks a lot of stuff anyway.
  2. This EULA subject is done I think, as far as the GDPR whilst I do agree that you should be able to delete an account on any internet forum I understand the difficulties in doing so on forums such as this. My last words on these matters and probably the forum are as follows - If you want your account disabled and personal information deleted then discuss it with one of the moderators, reach a compromise. I feel for folk like @Lisias who clearly has his work cut out for him regarding GDPR but that's just the way its going to be and will probably be much stricter in the future. Regarding the EULA (this comment is not aimed at anyone in particular), All this talk of KSP spyware is just nonsense. We live in a world with CCTV cameras on almost every street, facial recognition being used and some folk are worried about a EULA. People who whilst complaining about the EULA use facebook, twitter and whatever else is out there. Nobody is forcing you to agree to the EULA just stop playing KSP or any other game with a EULA attached its that simple. I disagree with the advertising and running of gambling websites for instance, so what do I do, join a gambling site and start spending money and then on top of that complain about that just don't sign up to them or take part in any of their gambling activities. Im done.
  3. Post are tied to accounts yes, but still a deletion request should be acted on. The database isn't my problem if I was to request my account to be deleted. Could be someone who doesn't use the forum now. I had a clean up of forum accounts I had a while back, Linux Mint and a couple of other tech forums purely because I hadn't used them in 12 months, the only problem I had was the mint forum which for the first couple of requests was "we don't delete accounts", seems to be a standard answer on some forums. I just think the option should be there.
  4. People should have the option to request their account be deleted anyway. The "We don't delete accounts" that has been posted by moderators is not only wrong but if requested to delete an account then they should, its as simple as that. Explain why you don't delete accounts please. The moderators told me they didn't delete accounts on The Linux Mint forums when I requested mine be deleted, but after some toing and froing it was deleted.
  5. According to Take Two you can request your account be deleted.
  6. Did someone mention the 80's, those were the days @mikegarrison
  7. I was wondering the same thing myself regarding marking an account for deletion.
  8. argghhh went to the supermarket, people who use two parking spaces to park a Kia Picanto.
  9. Great band, great lyrics - "It's six o'clock in the tower blocks, The stalagmites of culture shock" Another one - "You should have listened to the priest at the confession When he offered you the sacred bread"
  10. Maybe it will, maybe it wont. If TT did indeed want a KSP2 I think it would be a totally different beast than KSP and a beast that non of us will even recognize as KSP, maybe they just want the Kerbal brand, maybe a spin off title, mobile games etc. I think it would certainly be more of a polished AAA title, it would have to be to find a wider audience and to keep that audience playing and buying. But who knows, I certainly don't.
  11. @Barzon Kerman - found a vid that will explain -
  12. I don't think KSP 2 will exist or if it did happen it wouldn't be done by Squad and I don't think it would be a big seller to be honest. I do wonder at what KSP version the team will call it finished and only concentrate on DLC content, personally I don't think just concentrating on DCL would be a bad thing, I think that's the only way of generating new customers. I know a few people who play with many mods, planet packs, all kinds and that's totally fine I do myself. But at some point KSP ceases to be KSP other than in name only the game is a completely different game, then KSP becomes just an engine similar to Unity for instance. I think that's a big plus for KSP personally but I doubt it will generate any new income for Squad.
  13. As for reddit, there is no reddit access in my house and a few other sites like it. I enforce my own guidelines when it comes to people using my internet connection.
  14. I use my Walkman plugged into the Hi-Fi
  15. @putnamto Drinking doesn't make you happy it just stops you dealing with things, ruins your life, ruins relationships, splits families apart in some cases. The good thing is being sober dealing with life's problems and living a healthy lifestyle, so yes it is a good thing you have done.
  16. @putnamto A sober life is always a good life, im sure things will get better.