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  1. And as Nertea said, this isn't the place to discuss such things anyway. What they offer is a different vision and intent than Squads, obviously. If aftermarket versions of the engine are what players want, they already have them It wouldn't. The assumption is that there's only one way to build a ball swivel.
  2. It's entirely possible to build a swivel ball joint within the twitch as shown that won't fall apart due to gravity. Also, the hate-fest seems to only be coming from those with very high expectations. This revamp looks great, FAR better than the original engine. I don't care if there's no turbo pump, I much prefer the thought of what's shown here because it's far less bulky than versions offered in the aftermarket*. *the aftermarket parts are great, but they're working from a different set of constraints. Hate the new twitch? Then go install the mod that's the basis for your indignation at Squad's work.
  3. Phreakish

    Why is the engine plate a decoupler?

    I just wish the attachment points worked better. Whenever I have multiple clustered engines on them, they displace unevenly when thrust is applied. It's mandatory to have the engines auto-strutted to grandparent in order to avoid massive induced torques - still drives me nuts when I forget to apply the autostrut during design.
  4. I name all my saves chronologically... For example, if I started a new game today it would start with: 20190121_XXXX, which is basically YYYYMMDD format, followed by a descriptor. Same goes for quicksaves. I'll start with YYYYMMDD_001, and increment each time - I can then follow up with a description at the end in case I need it for some reason. Makes it easy to keep track of historical order of saves, and with descriptors at the end I know why I made the save.
  5. Phreakish

    MK2 Cargo bay less draggy when open?

    Can confirm. I put together a small mk2 plane with a short cargo bay. Upon fully opening the bay, my plane began to accelerate. Close the bay, it begins to decelerate.
  6. Phreakish

    Stage delay

    I use fleas as sepatrons Positioned right above the empty CG of the booster, it'll 'cross' just fine.
  7. I've done something similar with 17x vectors. 309k credits though! I've also been playing with clipping to cluster Rhinos (I hope these get revamped soon and some bare and truss variants added!). The Rhinos ISP makes for a great engine cluster above ~30km, and their thrust is worth 2x a vector at only a 40% cost increase. One of my next projects is going to be trying to make the engine blocks recoverable - trying to recover the entire booster is tough without much larger landing legs, but the engines are the majority cost anyway. With a steep gravity turn that puts me around 20degrees over the horizon at 25km I can get my PE to about 20km before even exiting the atmosphere (and I use a lot less fuel to achieve a circular orbit, the drag at 20+km just isn't enough to worry about). That should give me enough time to decouple the expensive bits and attempt to recover some of those credits..
  8. This would be amazing. I'd also like to see a rover variant or separate cargo bay that has the same 'butterstick' format that could be used underneath the rover-pod for science and equipment storage.
  9. I struggled with this while trying to get a 5kiloton ship to orbit, and wound up having to rebuild my boosters to get something more stable. I'm really happy with the direction this build has gone, though I could refine it for actual lifting duties, the concept though is pretty sound. I've been radially attaching S3-3600 tanks, then rotating them so they form large booster-attachment bosses, then using TD-37 decouplers rather than the typical radial decouplers. I've had a LOT fewer random mechanical disassemblies as a result, and my rockets are a lot more rigid. I use some 'grandparent' auto strutting around these 'bosses' and use a little bit of clipping to make it aesthetically pleasing. Sepatrons are too small for boosters this big, so I've clipped 'flea' boosters into them to in order to get decent separation and clearance during flight. It also puts on a good show. My pictures below show a 2,200 ton core being lifted. The engine blocks utilize 13 vectors each. But the use of round decouplers in this way has made my very large rockets FAR stronger and easier to fly to orbit.
  10. Agreed, but it's not a reason preclude the addition of a feature. Just changes the priority of it. 1.6 to me gives me hope that plenty of bandwidth will be available to not only tackle the existing issues, but to fill gaps that have long existed. Bring on 1.7
  11. That's a Squad problem. Doesn't change my wishlist of features. Bugs are bugs - the focus on fixing/addressing them shouldn't change. Code complexity should not be a user concern - a good developer will figure it out.
  12. Weather is inherent when an atmosphere is present, and increases immersion as well as game appearance. Adding features doesn't preclude development on other fronts, etiher. Settings changes are normal for people to vary depending on computer/machine capability. Those with lower spec machines can simply turn off clouds, those in the middle can get LQ versions and those with beastly rigs (or low part count ships) can run HQ. It's not rocket surgery... Mods are great, but shouldn't be relied on to fill in the gaps. Just because that's the way it's been, doesn't mean it should continue. I say bring on stock clouds, weather, etc and give us settings to vary it or leverage it for a more challenging experience.
  13. Phreakish

    Parts looking for love

    I'd love to see the bay work just like the doors on the updated MK2 lander can.
  14. Phreakish

    Bugs and KSP

    Analogies aren't thinking, and yours are entirely off-point. Unavoidable doesn't mean unfixable, either. No one thinks there should always be zero bugs, but right now even the bugs are buggy. It's high time for substantial improvements, and I stand by my hope that the breadcrumbs we're being shown are part of a deeper dive into root causes.