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  1. Phreakish

    Bugs and KSP

    Analogies aren't thinking, and yours are entirely off-point. Unavoidable doesn't mean unfixable, either. No one thinks there should always be zero bugs, but right now even the bugs are buggy. It's high time for substantial improvements, and I stand by my hope that the breadcrumbs we're being shown are part of a deeper dive into root causes.
  2. Phreakish


    I might, but still feel such functions (ejection seat is debatable) should exist in stock. The addition would be consistent with having abort functions as well as parachute packing kerbals.
  3. Phreakish

    Bugs and KSP

    There definitely are too many bugs. There should be fewer bugs. My hope is that the new features and art passes are not just being 'tacked on' but are part of a deep revamp of old sins and a good way to replace lots of inconsistent and even hastily done work from the past. The previous developer posts dealing with the green line, runway bumps, and font styling show there's a current appreciation for 'the little things'. My hope may be misplaced, but the game it too much fun to quit on.
  4. Now that Kerbals have parachutes, it would be useful to have the ability to EVA all your crew and activate their parachutes at the same time. I've had several mission aborts where I was only able to EVA 1-2 kerbals (out of 4+) before the crash. The delay was mostly due to having to wait for reloads when switching back to the doomed craft before I could EVA the remaining crew. Ideally the behavior would be to remain focused on the craft while kerbals EVA and then disembark one-by-one. Once the last crew is out, you can then [ and ] to cycle to each kerbal and parachute them to (relative) safety. As far as keys go, maybe backspace 3 times rapidly? As in bailout-bailout-bailout (abort-abort-abort). The first one would actually fire your abort sequence - once that's done, or if your craft is only singled staged, then the tap-it-thrice mode will pour out your crew. PS: imagine all the shenanigans this could result in with large-capacity craft? So. Many. Parachutes.
  5. Phreakish

    Your Finest Hour in KSP

    Try F2.
  6. Phreakish

    Ideal Local Mining Operation?

    Minmus is easier than mun because it's basically the same DV to get to minmus, and the inclination isn't hard to match with a mid-course correction, or with a well timed launch (I always do a midcourse correct). Minmus then has the added benefit of lower local gravity which makes it an easier landing, and less thrust is necessary to get decent TWR, meaning less dry mass tied up in engines. From there, you can send large tankers back to LKO ready to rendezvous with your ships/stations in orbit there. Processing in orbit means having to haul more weight back into orbit and back down to LKO - I'd rather drag the ISRU and drills with me and have adequate tank size to offset the dry mas of the mining. This also negates the need for precision landing or surface docking. Minmus also has very large flat areas which are easy to land on, and easier to keep a large ship upright - versus mun which has fewer flats and lots of craters which means needing a ship that has very wide gear or wheels. Just my $.02.
  7. Phreakish

    Ideal Local Mining Operation?

    I played with this a bit, so I don't have the hundreds of hours into it that some do, but I figure if my convert-o-tron is dwarfed (in mass) by the amount of fuel I haul away, then who cares about having to cart it around? Using 4-8 nukes I can get quite a lot of fuel into orbit from Minmus. If I recall correctly, one of my test tankers was 3 or 4 mk3 fuselages with an ISRU, 4 drills, and all associated hardware and probe cores. Easy to fly and land, hauls plenty of fuel around for my uses and allows me to extend missions and reuse very large ships in my carreer save without incurring massive relaunch costs.
  8. Phreakish

    Staging stack fuel level overlays cause slowdown

    Good question. But what's odd is that it's not just performance-related. I've spammed a ton of engines (I just got done toying with one with ~500 parts and 112 nukes) to see if it will 'stutter'. It goes slow, and UT slows down, but it does not 'stutter'. If the engines are attached to a smallish tank, and THEN patterned onto a larger tank, and THEN staged - it will stutter. I think the engines are being dealt with differently in the physics engine depending on whether they're staged or not. It could be that the Delta-V calculator get's stuck somewhere and has a hard time resolving... That would explain why it happens when staging, but not when 'activating' using an action group. But now that I know how to work around it, I just need them to fix the burn time indicator for nukes... I can't take this behemoth anywhere without it!
  9. Phreakish

    Staging stack fuel level overlays cause slowdown

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but if it is (it looks like one), I've made an entry in the bug tracker:
  10. Phreakish

    Proper Submarine Parts

    I want to disagree, but laythe has a mostly water surface - NASA has concepts for missions into celestial bodies of liquid (such as on Europa), so it would follow that at least some support of parts which are designed for submersion would make sense. It would also offer expanded biomes and a chance for expanded science sensors and more modes of gameplay. Also offers additional tracks for DLC offerings, though the mechanics and biomes should, IMO, still be included in stock, even if only to some limited depth.
  11. Phreakish

    Staging stack fuel level overlays cause slowdown

    Even more testing... I previously built a large booster setup which has over 90 engines at launch. It does not exhibit the behavior of my ship in the example. This megabooster uses vector engines. I ruled out the mk3 parts. I ruled out manned/unmanned. Then, finally, breakthrough. I built a testbed that resembled my megabooster that does not stutter. It ran smoothly, just like my megabooster. I replaced the vectors with the wolfhound used on the ship in my previous video. Still runs smooth. I then placed a small fuel tank between the engine and the kerbodyne adapter. Bingo! lag city. If I remove that tank and replace it with an octagonal strut - still smooth (and the same part count). I then added 4 more engines per cluster with a radially mounted octagonal strut. Lag strikes again, but it feels different so it may not be the same. So, if I'm right. The steps to reproduce this are below: Place any capsule. Stack 3-5 S4 tanks under it. Terminate the stack with a kerbodyne engine clustering tank. Attach small tanks to the engine nodes on the kerbodyne cluster tank. Attach engines (Vector and wolfhound are what I've tested, nukes also) to those tanks. Assign 'toggle engine' to action group 1. Pattern the engine block (kerbodyne adapter with patterned small tanks and engines) so that you have 5-9 clusters of engines. Alt+F12, hack gravity to .01, launch ship and cheat to orbit. Turn on SAS and set retrograde. Activate action group 1. Throttle up and allow craft to 'come around'. Note performance as ship renders and animates. Toggle action group 1 several times and note performance. With engines deactivated, hit hit spacebar to stage. Watch for stutter. I'd be curious if anyone else can confirm this behavior. You can take the same craft and replace the tanks which are between the engines and the kerbodyne adapter with an octagonal strut. This yields the same part count, but the stuttering behavior is gone. Why this is strange: If the tanks between the engine and the adapter were causing the slowdown due to additional physics for their 'squishiness', then it shouldn't matter HOW the engines are activated. Staging the engines into action seems to yield a different mathematical model than 'activating' the engines instead. If the tank 'squishiness' was the cause, then moving to zero throttle and warping (NOT physics warp) should result in static parts again, and the behavior eliminated. This is not the case. The stuttering will begin to happen even if the engines are never moved off idle once staged. This is a bummer because not all engines are radially attachable, and so making large engine blocks for interplanetary ships becomes a challenge, but I think the octagonal strut will work for me. I'll have to update the original craft that started this investigation and see if it helps.
  12. Phreakish

    Generator part

    Couldn't you negate any unwanted thrust by simply clipping the jet engine into something? All the noise and exhaust and electricity, fewer phantom forces to skid you around your favorite atmospheric body.
  13. Phreakish

    Staging stack fuel level overlays cause slowdown

    I've made a video which shows it pretty clearly. I hit space at 6 seconds in. There are two other GC steps prior to that - I'm not talking about those (though they're also annoying).
  14. Phreakish

    Staging stack fuel level overlays cause slowdown Try this file. Launch it, f12 to orbit. Then use action group 1 to ignite the engines. Advance to full throttle. Once you establish that everything is 'normal', hit spacebar. If it's not just me, it should begin to stutter pretty bad. I tried this on my desktop at work and just now tried it on my laptop at home. The only thing these machines have in common is that the display adapters are Nvidia, so I have to assume it's not just me.
  15. Phreakish

    Staging stack fuel level overlays cause slowdown

    Eureka! Ish.. So I've got all my engines on an action group to toggle them on/off to see what happens to the frame rate and performance as they switch. If I never use the staging, and use the action group to toggle my engines on - I never have this performance issue. But as soon as I hit space, whether to activate my current stage engines, or even if there's nothing to stage - the stutter shows up! I can run the same craft, cheat it to orbit, and toggle the engines on with an action group - 17fps constant, no stutter. Do the same thing, hit space, and it stutters. I can cheat to orbit, toggle engines with the action group - 17fps, no stutter. Hit space (there are no other stages on this craft) and it immediately begins to stutter. So I put a decoupler on it, I attached a single engine to the decoupler. I then engaged that engine with spacebar. It light, no stutter. I then activated the decoupler with space. It decoupled, still no stutter. I activate my bazillion engines with the action group - still no stutter. Full throttle, 17fps, no stutter. Hit space (already on last stage, no stages left) - stutter. Toggle engines with action group - stutter remains whenever engines are active. So I put smaller groups of engines into stages - maybe it's so many engines activating at once? nope. This HAS to be some sort of bug, right?