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  1. Same problem. Same (temporary) solution: Uninstall and wait for this *invaluable tool* to be updated. For now, I'll go back to this: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ == Crosspost from over here ==
  2. Same problem. Same (temporary) solution: Uninstall and wait for this *invaluable tool* to be updated. For now, I'll go back to this: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ Thanks in advance for the upcoming hotfix TriggerAu.
  3. Halfway through my first watch of the KSP2 trailer, I thought Nertea & Roverdude "made this". I would have called you, even if it was to steal more of your ideas ;-) In any case we'll be here appreciating your work for quite a while... even after KSP: The Deuce drops. I feel like you, along with others like RoverDude, helped "make this" KSP2 a thing. Thank you & cheers!
  4. Third! Oh damn... I actually hadn't even thought of the possibility that they wouldn't. Although... this is the one game in existence that would get me to shell out money for a PC. It would serve one purpose, and one purpose alone.
  5. Mac user here. Saw KSPTOT on the official KSP blog and decided instant download... until this I saw this on the WINE site: :-( Yes, *I think* we could run a Linux version of KSPTOT via Homebrew or Macports. Holding breath, thank you kind human for considering it.
  6. I am having these same issues, specifically #1 & #4. Contracts for the Bases and Station Contract Pack do not appear, or rather, they briefly flicker on the contract list and disappear. Any help or direction to help myself would be appreciated.
  7. 5-star work gentlemen. I finished first 3 missions and now we are en route to Jool. The launch, the docking, and the Mun sequences are some of the best experiences I've had in KSP. Back to my career game now, where I have a fleet of ships approaching Jool for the first time. I'd like to experience Jool & Laythe in my career game first, then I'll be back to finish the story. Cheers & fly safe!
  8. Completed it (kinda) a few days ago: https://d.pr/i/y2H9AZ Very impressive mission, will play again! This is the kind of stuff I was hoping kind folks like Mikki would craft. I was able to land down the centerline of the desert runway, probably my softest landing ever in KSP... it was grand. I was not able to complete the "Return the Samples" node, I think, because it is checking for the wrong vessel name? I did land the sample safely back on Kerbin, but it never completed. Biggest critique: a lot of rover time, but it does build some isolation vibe. Biggest praise: the *story*. It works. So many details and little puzzles to figure out. Thank you Mikki!
  9. I thought the same at first. Here's what I did for the Munar 1 mission: Side 1: https://d.pr/i/0dC66b Side 2: https://d.pr/i/efKnjP
  10. I discovered the same. KV-1 Onion's hatch is a secret door. You need to have a treasure map and a Kerbal magic decoder ring.
  11. When reaching orbit the left over fuel immediately drains to zero and the ship blows up. The "success" screen displays, but the ship is destroyed and zero points are awarded. No mods, no idea why. Cool idea & great way to practice accents, thanks!
  12. Fun little plane, fun little mission. Had to dial back the control surface settings a bit for stability since I am flying with a keyboard. Thanks for sharing!