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  1. I´d love to see it made compatible for 1.6 since RAM performance has been improved.
  2. Dear Go... Okay will do. Do you have any suggestions on how to clean these up? Just doing a clean install? Except for a couple part mods, I made sure that everything was made for that specific version. Thank you for the heads up!
  3. I really tried to find anything related to my problem but I couldn´t. I am playing on 1.3.1 with RSS, RO, RP-01. I installed SSTU- with PBR , TU, KSP Wheel and Community Resource Pack. Some of the parts textures aren´t showing. Plus I seem to have a bug where when I´m in the Editor and have the Shuttle Fueselage selected and right click it, I cannot click anything outside the little options window that opens. Also tried deleting the Module Manager cache and part.cfg I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance Logs:
  4. I have a problem for which I couldn´t find a solution yet. I have RO for 1.3.1 and the KK Launchers pack for 1.3.0. Yet the configs provided by RO just seem to cover the configs for Falcon 1. Did I miss something? I was wondering if there are configs for all the Space X rockets included in the pack, since I have seen other people use them with RO.
  5. Hi! I don´t know if this problem has been adressed in the past, but I couldn´t find anything about it. I´m playing on 1.3.1 and have all dependencies installed. I can pick the probes in VAB and build a rocket, but when I´m on the launchpad I only get a single action group for the probe. The rest of the rocket is uncontrollable. I only have problems with the US probes. Installed it with ckan and reinstalled it manually. Did not help.
  6. We can load the site itself including all the mods listed on it. But whenever we press Download we get "500 Internal error". This also affects downloads via CKAN.
  7. Same problem here. Both cockpits are missing. Everything else is there.