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  1. any updates to 1.81? or just a seperate cockpit download
  2. is it limited to 1.6 for now or will it be updated to 1.7?
  3. hey is there anywhere that explains what the different control surface settings do? like what does a spoiler do if i turn it on
  4. are we getting some new parts? a huey cockpit, mk 1 cargo bay or b-36 cockpit would be nice, or really big long wings! maybe even turbojets!
  5. is there an updated version of hooligan labs anywhere?
  6. Im having a few issues, the control surfaces seem to have nearly no effect anymore, planes always spawn around 500 meters in the air and when i turn SAS on the plane freaks out, is there a fix for this?
  7. wait i just rechecked my gamedata and kerbalism is installed somehow, it gives me an error when i try to delete it though
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