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  1. Im having a few issues, the control surfaces seem to have nearly no effect anymore, planes always spawn around 500 meters in the air and when i turn SAS on the plane freaks out, is there a fix for this?
  2. ill try that! get back to you in a bit I deleted kerbalism and it still happens
  3. wait i just rechecked my gamedata and kerbalism is installed somehow, it gives me an error when i try to delete it though
  4. Loved this mod, it was the only one that had every old part. Shame to see it die
  5. I have a relatively heavily modded install of 1.6.1, every few seconds in the editor it freezes for about a second or so, it is making the game basically unplayable and i dont know how to fix it Edit: now happens pretty much every half a second Edit: It only lags if i have a part in the editor, if it is empty there is no lag
  6. Modding Maniac

    [1.3] Mk1 Cargo Bay Updated (v1.3, 02017 Jun 10)

    this still work in 1.6.1? i cant find anything else like it
  7. So im guessing this mod is dead
  8. Modding Maniac

    [1.5.1+] Dang It! Continued

    Does this work with most mods, and does it work in 1.6?