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  1. The bug drills are not drilling (because no button to press start) may caused here right? - for more details look here - Anyone an idea how to fix? @N70
  2. KSP: 1.4.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Drill doesnt start to drill Mods installed: I tried it with only Kerbalism and required mods (module manager + community resources pack) still got no button to start drilling. Reproduction steps: Build a simple craft with a drill and try to drill at the shore biome near ksc for water or ore Log: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/393746442046406666/427567950619475995/output_log.txt Edit: issue is still there with kerbalism as only mod.
  3. Normally (stock) they use liq and ox fuel but with mods it get changed to oxygen and hydrogen or some other stuff.
  4. guess you have to delete it out of the profil rules.
  5. Is it possible to edit the tanks that you can fill any resource into them? I use it with kerbalism there you can fill any resource into the tanks. For example the greenhouse needs ammonia but there is no KPBS tank for it.
  6. When i am timewarping and my craft runs out of ox, food, ec, water I get the message that my craft runs out of xxx and it pulls me out of the warp. Everything fine so far. But normally that pull comes to late by the time the warp needs to stop the kerbals are already dead. Is it possible to edit the kerbalism settings so the message, pull is triggered earlier while warping?
  7. Its a nice small mission but I cant finish it. There seem to be no end note to trigger the end. I landed the Orion with the right crew around 5km away from the KSC and i dont get any succes notification.
  8. Your mission is mean. I built a probe to rescue Val that ofc exploded because of "spoiler". When building the craft the mission should have at least 1 kerbal as requirement.
  9. Made this one for my new career
  10. Does currently USI LS and MKS work with 1.4.1 ?
  11. Was really fun and challenging.
  12. What i noticed is that when you quickload the progress isnt tracked anymore. So quickloading breaks the game. Because of that I tried the mission in one try. But whenever I succesfully dock both ships I cannot trigger the End note. I let the ship docked for over 1 day then I landed the US ship first and recovered the crew after that i landed the russian one and recvovered the crew. No ships active mission still running.
  13. I cannot finish the mission. Everytime i docked both ships and the Docking part gets fulfiled the mission is stuck.
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