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  1. Wow thank you! The video was a lot of hard work but at the same time it was great to have the opportunity to sit down and play my favourite game over the holidays. What a game, what a community
  2. My goal was to take off from the surface of Kerbin and get to orbit, and I thought launching from the mountaintop felt better than Scott's similar solution of raising the craft up a few thousand metres up with launch clamps. I tried to stick to the same 'rules' that Manley gave himself in his video. An elevated launch site is practically essential for the mission, though I reckon it is theoretically possible to launch from sea level with a craft with many, many more parts. I feel you regarding the computer struggles, and unfortunately I don't have much hope of playing KSP 2 when it rolls o
  3. Hahahaha thank you, it's nice to be here! I don't have much of an idea how forums like this work so I'm just happy that I managed to post in the right place (I think..?)
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