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  1. Hia @JadeOfMaar, sorry didn't want to bug you more yesterday night... I've indeed realised you were talking about the additional configs, proposed by @Nertea, but far later. Assuming B9PartSwitch is a heavily used one, I'm surprised not seeing anyone reporting this issue.
  2. Hia @Nertea, Finest work, one of my prefered modder I've updated OPT to the latest version and ended up with an issue. I've posted the details here : It seems to be caused caused by System Heat, I should precise here that I didn't install any additional configuration available. Please let me know if I can do something from my end to resolve Thank you !
  3. Thanks for this update @JadeOfMaar I've got the following issue since I've applied it: While not affecting my 'test' install (the one carrying only mods I need to check), I've tried to investigate. I've reinstalled B9PartSwitch (CKAN), with not effect. I can share the log file, but it is around 13Mb, let me know if this is needed. Below is an example of the exception reported: [WRN 12:21:38.473] Warning on PartSubtype Ore on module ModuleB9PartSwitch (moduleID='DarkMassInput') on part engine.darkDrive: Could not find matching module [EXC 12:21:38.480] Excepti
  4. Hia @JadeOfMaar First of all, thanks again, and again for the amazing work your doing on OPT. Having an issue here with the OPT K Mobile Lab LP4 KSP: 1.11.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Science Generated but not transmitted Mods installed: Reproduction steps: Build a simple craft, get some science Data, and start research to generate some science point. Try Transmit, nothing happens. I've tried the same with a full clean and neat install of KSP with only OPT dependencies installed. L
  5. VS2019 installed, reading about C#
  6. Thank you. I totally get your point, really. I started to read some how tos... maybe I'll come back with something... Hope this would be before the next release.
  7. Thank you for the lesson @goldenpsp I understand this is creating some issues between the community and the modders population. What if someone picks this one and do something... the following day this section will be an gigantic "mod request area". This now closing this topic. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  8. @goldenpsp I don't have any knowledge on coding unfortunately, otherwise you would have seen it already advertised
  9. Hello everyone, I am sure that most of you have suffered somewhat tiring setbacks when editing your vessels in the VAB. Generally speaking, two main actions are performed in the VAB/SPH: the placement (and moving) of parts... the configuration of the parts... For the latter, PAWS is a feature that is used systematically, almost every second. But when the gigantic PAW occurs, then another one, then another one... It's just... tiring... I urge you, relentless modders, either to get inspired by the PAWS addon and adjust it, or to create a standalone, with the fo
  10. @linuxgurugamer - Seems to show conflict in CKAN, should I ignore ? Or should I uninstall the MSP-3000 and use this one as a replacement ? As usual, thank you for your work !!
  11. @TomfooleryYT Best would be to try that with a full vanilla build if you're scare of anything. But this won't be breaking anything in your save. @Skonks Wondering if I'm missing something here, Airplane Plus seems to not have any .cfg, or is it somewhere else ? Thanks for your help !
  12. Indeeed very interesting..! Coupled with mission builder, and you have a PVE set !
  13. @RoverDude Would you think adding the cargo feature (as an additional texture) on one of the Malemute component ? default 150L is a bit tiny imo
  14. Okay tested it and all good so far ! Now going to re-add back in black to check, but little bit nervous
  15. Oh man, thanks a lot ! I'll try that out and will let you know Kudos @linuxgurugamer , we're so grateful to you, especially on these unprecedent times, as you help us keeping mind health up!
  16. Hi all, @allista I've always seen this mod, and tried to use it several times... without success. I've watched almost all videos, but no way, I'm still screwing up the flight whatever happens. If anyone can point me to any video link explaining how this beast works that would be great! Ideally, a Walthrough Video from A-Z, enough digestible for newbies.
  17. Hi Guys, Maybe someone got this before ? Using the following part brings your plane in the air instead of the Runway : (btw texture issue is from MAgpie Mods - so no worries about this)
  18. Great mod indeed! However, little planes and some others are usually failing to take off. Used a full stock setup, and 9 times on 10, it's just wobling on the launchway. Instead, I've ended up using this one : https://github.com/ozin370/Script maybe merging some features, could provide a great baby ?
  19. Yeah, this one reflects exactly what I'm talking about : https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/1022
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