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  1. @tonimark you can reconfigure pods and add water recycler, gases could be extracted from atmosphere with stock gas analysator, oxygen could be got from ore with convert-o-tron
  2. There is "Landed" situation in the top right corner of the planner window on your screenshot, if you click on it, it will change to different situation (orbit/low orbit/high orbit) and oxygen will be needed.
  3. I guess oxygen is perpetual because you simulate situation in which you landed on Kerbin. Kerbin has oxygen atmosphere, so oxygen not needed.
  4. Hi! This mod don't work for me on 1.4.1 KSP version — I don't see it's icon in the hangar. Log is here.
  5. @N70 Hi! It seems I fixed broken science, all you need is delete '[*]' after each '@EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*]' in Kerbalism/System/Science.cfg file. If you interested, you can download edited file here. I've tested this fix for a bit — looks like everything is OK. Explanation, why it should work is in this comment.
  6. @N70 Hi! I have an issue: sometimes connection suddenly disappear. After that if I exit to main menu, all options are faint and inactive — I can't click on any of them. After that I check local files in steam, it says that one file is damaged and download it, but nothing fixes. My Kerbalism version is; KSP v. 1.4.2.
  7. Hey! I've edited some configs of this mod for better integration with Kerbalism. I figured out that small food container and big waste container are not visible in lifesupport category; big co2 container was not added into the game; also, some processes missed in PBS IRSU. I fixed that, if you are interested, you could download all edited configs by this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GbIBju7uFFVdabEryo7iiQLznz4iqjsx/view?usp=sharing
  8. Hi, everyone! I want to add living volume and surface to kerbalism gravity ring (I don't believe that this ring unpressurized and can't be used as living room). How can I do this?
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